Beginning Band

Beginning Band Winners:  Jack Street (1st ), Dora Zhang (2nd) and Kylie Miles (3rd)

Middle School Band Winner:  Blayze McBrayer

2014 MS Concerto Winners

Beginning Band Concerto Contestants

2nd Period: Dustin Hill - Flute, Dora Zhang - Flute, Lilly Norman - Flute

3rd Period: Cadence Fowler - Baritone, Jayden Glisson - Trombone, Caleb Keen - Tuba, Grant Miller - Percussion, and Jack Street - Trombone

4th Period: Serenity Amundsun - Clarinet, Nichole Baxter - Clarinet, Alison Hernandez - Clarinet, Adilyn Knight - Trumpet, Kylie Miles - Clarinet, and Presley Thum - Trumpet

Middle School Band Concerto Contestants

Ben Blackburn - Alto Sax, Kindle Ewing - Bass Clarinet, Beni Lazar - Baritone, Bryce Lynch - Tuba, Blayze McBrayer - Trumpet, Brionna Poye - Flute, and Faith Smith - Horn

Parents and students interested in band...  please visit the site listed below and check out the info within!

Located on this site is a instrument matching tool with a listening game.  We'd love for you to try it out and look at some of the videos.

For students selected to play French horn, baritone and tuba...   you will be playing a school owned instrument for a rental fee to the district of $100 per year or $50 per semester.  You will will need to attain a mouthpiece and cleaning kit for that instrument as well as some books.  Information on those supplies is coming soon!

Students that are selected for baritone and tuba will be getting a secondary instrument for home to practice with which allows them not to have to carry an instrument back and forth each day.   These instruments will be assigned in the coming days.

Demorrow Percussion Kit (pictured above)

Beginning Band Instrument Information

For students selected to play the following instruments:  flute, clarinet, alto & tenor saxophone, trumpet, trombone and percussion.  You will want to check the list of prescribed name brands to attain an instrument, listed below.  You are welcome to shop around but we recommend the following company that also helps with our school instruments:  Arkansas School Band Service  (link to web page below).  They even have online application for the rent-to-own plan.  

Prescribed Instrument Name Brands:

Flute - Yamaha, Gemeinhardt, Emerson, and Selmer

Clarinet - Yamaha, Selmer, Buffet, Normandy and Leblanc (wooden prefered)

Alto Saxophone - Yamaha (required - must be this brand)

Tenor Saxophone - Yamaha (required - must be this brand)

Trumpet - Yamaha, Getzen, Bach, Conn, King or Holton

Trombone - Yamaha, Getzen, Bach, Conn, King, Blessing or Holton  (F attachment not required)

Percussion - Demorrow Percussion Kit (required - must be this brand)

If your child has an instrument already, please have them bring it to school for a director to check it over and approve it for use.

If you have questions or need assistance please call the band room so we can assist you.  (501) 760-6513  or email Mrs. Lane

Contacts for Beginning Band - Beginning Woodwinds/MS Director - Beginning Percussion - Beginning Brass

HS Band Room phone #:  501-760-6513

Sign Up Now!

CODE:  pkcc4rh 

Super Hero Day at the MS in Beginning Band

Practicing — is it worth the fight?

Parents, you and your child are still near the beginning of your journey, but we're sure one very important word has already become an integral part of your child’s music experience:


Listen, few people like to practice — it’s like musical homework!

We know that practicing can be a fight that you don’t want or need.  We also know that most of you are not musicians and may not know how to help your child be successful in it.  That’s ok.  It’s not so much WHAT they practice, but THAT they practice, even if it is for just 10 minutes.  In your role as a parent, you can make a big difference when it comes to practicing.  You don’t have to know anything about their instrument or about music.

Helping your child set aside a regular, dedicated time for practice over these initial months can have a dramatic effect on their trajectory as a musician!

What does regular practice look like?  For a beginner, shorter, frequent sessions are better.  It takes time to develop the ability to practice in a focused, sustained manner.  Set a schedule and try and stick to it so they develop a routine.  As they work through their materials, prompt them with, “that was great… can I hear that again?” Or, “AWESOME!  You should play that for your brother/sister/parent.”  You will trick them into practicing without them even knowing it!  Sneaky?  Yes!  But it works!

The key to guided practice is a consistent schedule and repetition.  If you can get them to sit down regularly and play things multiple times, the improvement will be significant! Please know that YOU are a crucial part of setting up your child for success in music, and we're here to help you!

Santa says, 

"Merry Tuba Christmas!"

Beginning Band students prepared to travel the campus and Christmas Carol.

MS/JH Christmas Concerts

December 14th - 7:00 p.m.

HS Auditorium

Beginning Band Students are to report by 6:15 p.m. 

By 6:30 p.m. they are to be on the stage for warm up.

School Spirit & Community Support in Beginning Band!

Our students show support for national breast cancer awareness day while in band.  

All Communication to Middle School Band Parents will be through Canvas this year. Please make sure you are connected to your child's account.

Middle School Instrument

Supply Price List

If you haven't seen this yet...  please check it out.  Ordering supplies from the school is easy.  Make checks payable to Lake Hamilton Bands and put in a band envelope to turn in to our money box in the middle school band room.

If you see something that you are not sure what it is or if your student needs it please let us know.   Email:

or  Phone:  501-760-6513

Beginning Band Christmas Concert Recording Session 2020

Recordings on Home Page (use slider to go to bottom).

Christmas Concert 2019

A Christmas Sleighride………..conducted by Mr. Field

Jingle Bells on the Housetop…..conducted by Mr. McHone

Christmas in the Kitchen………conducted by Mr. Tedder

Halloween in the Band Room...

Beginning Band...

is all about attitude!

Junior High/Middle School Spring Concerts

May 9th, 2019

Program for the Beginning Band

Under the direction of Jarrett Tedder, Bryan Field & Ron McHone

High Hopes..............................Matt Conaway

Aruba Tuba..................................Timothy Loest

featuring Tubas:  Brody Conner, Preston Garrett, Brody Murders, Colton Pierce, and Jackson Tipken

Prehistoric Suite.............................Paul Jennings

Mvt. 1 - Stegosaurus (The Gladiator), Mvt. 2 - Brontosaurus (Gentle Giant), Mvt. 3 - Pterodactyls (Graceful Giants of the Sky), & Mvt. 4 - The Battle (Tyrannosaurus vs. Triceratops)

Concerto Competition Winners!

The 2019 Band Concerto Competition Winners in the 6th Grade are:

1st Place with a full Scholarship to Band Camp this summer - Shelby Ault on Trumpet.

2nd Place with a half Scholarship to Band Camp this summer - Jacob Moody on Alto Sax.

3rd Place with a half Scholarship to Band Camp this summer - Kyleigh Nelson on Oboe.

Junior High/Middle School Christmas Concerts

December 11th, 2018

Program for the Beginning Band

Under the direction of Bryan Field, Jarrett Tedder, & Ron McHone

Up On the Housetop..............................Michael Sweeney

Not So Silent Night..................................Sean O'Loughlin

A Snowy Christmas Day.............................Jerry Williams

Interested in a video of the performance?  Just email for a link.

Beginning Band Caroling!

The Beginning Band students went around the Middle School Campus Caroling and asking our teachers/staff to be a part of the music! 

 Happy Holidays!

Middle School Office Staff performing Jingle Bells!

Cafeteria Staff had a blast playing along with the Beginning Band too!

Our teachers really had the Holiday Spirit!

We love theme days at the Middle School!

Groovy Baby!

Concerto Contest 2018 Winners!

6th Grade Beginning Band

Keira Walka - Full Scholarship to Band Camp

Mia Cockman - Half Scholarship to Band Camp

Nathan Brannon - Half Scholarship to Band Camp

Solo Contest 2018

2nd Division  

Flute/Sax Class - 2nd Period

  1st Division      

With Honors

2nd Division   

Low Brass/Percussion

3rd Period

            1st Division               

   With Honors

2nd Division    

High Brass/Clarinet - 4th Period

    1st Division 

With Honors

Christmas Concert 2017

Congratulations 2017 LH Beginning Band Concerto Winners!

Savana Green - Trumpet:  (Overall Winner) Full Scholarship to Band Camp

Madison Cole - French Horn:  (2nd Place) Partial Scholarship to Band Camp

Shelby Williams - Tenor Sax:  (3rd Place)  Partial Scholarship to Band Camp

Christmas Concert 2016

Beginning Band Fun!

Congratulations! 6th Grade Concerto Winners!

6th grade - Overall Winner & Top Brass - Justin Chen

Top Woodwind- Haley Toennis

Top Percussionist- Larry Morales

Beginning Band 2014 - Christmas Concert