I will not let you fail... Because if you fail, I fail... if I fail, you fail...

So, I will not let you fail...

Powerband Passport

Don't have a Passport?

Don't worry, we are in the process of setting up a Passport Photo and setup station in the High School Bandroom for the trip to London.

Please fill out the form below to let us know your interest.

General Info Form

Please click the link below to fill out your general info for band this year.


Contact PBO President, Brooke Murders for info pertaining to the PBO, to donate to the PBO, or to join!

And now, you can scan the QR Code to volunteer as well...

Concession Volunteer Sign Up

Please click the link below to sign up as a volunteer in the band concession stand.

It Begins...

August 19th

Ask your child about the brochure from Cherrydale about selling Cookie Dough!

Orders are due: August 26th

Cookie Dough Delivery for MS: October 3rd

Delivery for JH/HS: September 30th

There is online ordering available at www.ShopFund.com Shipping is free with purchases over $75. There will be daily prizes for students that are the top sellers in their class at the MS and JH.

Band Parent Meeting

Power Point

August 19th 2019

2019 Parent Presentation

Don't worry, if you missed the Band Parent Meeting this past May... Here's the Big News!...

London Parents

It's official!!!

The Power Band has been invited to perform in the... London New Year's Day Parade 2020/2021!!!

Congratulations to the Lake Hamilton band, parents and staff! This is not an event that you apply for... this is an INVITATION ONLY event! It will take a LOT of fundraising to get there. ANY donations would be appreciated! For questions and if you'd like to help, please contact:

Jon Shultz jon.shultz@lhwolves.net or call 501-760-6513

Lake Hamilton's very own, Matthew Shirey was selected to perform with the Air National Guard Jazz Band on June 23rd and was featured with their saxophone section playing "In the Mood". Congrats to Matthew and the Band of the Southwest on a great performance!

2019 Lake Hamilton Concert Winners

The Band Concerto Competition Winners in the 6th Grade are:

  • 1st Place with a full Scholarship to Band Camp this summer - Shelby Ault on Trumpet.
  • 2nd Place with a half Scholarship to Band Camp this summer - Jacob Moody on Alto Sax.
  • 3rd Place with a half Scholarship to Band Camp this summer - Kyleigh Nelson on Oboe.

The Band Concerto Competition Winner in 7th Grade is:

  • Full Scholarship to Band Camp this summer - Jazmin Menjivar on Flute.
  • Runner-Up with half Scholarship to Band Camp this summer - Avery Hunt on Percussion.

The Band Concerto Competition Winners in 8th Grade is:

  • Full High School Band Fees Paid - Suzi Rios on Flute.
  • Runner-Up with Partial High School Band Fees Paid - Kiana Arcos on Clarinet.

2019 Beginning Band Signup

It's not too late!!! If you missed our meeting dates and would still like to join the Power Band of Arkansas, contact Mr. Field or Mr. McHone - info listed below.


Director: Bryan Field Ron McHone

Phone: 501-760-6513 501-760-6513

Email: bryan.field@lhwolves.net ron.mchone@hwolves.net

Lake Hamilton Winter Winds receives Silver Medal in Open Class at Winter Guard International World Championships

Thanks to the support of our Lake Hamilton community, we were also named Fan Favorite for the 4th consecutive year!

Lake Hamilton is the only winds group to medal back to back after being promoted a classification in the history of WGI Winds.

We are extremely proud of our students for representing Lake Hamilton as the only WGI finalist from the state of Arkansas.

Congratulations to our students and staff!!

Marine Corps Jazz Ensemble of New Orleans!

Photos from our visit by the Jazz Ensemble 3/12 here at Lake Hamilton High School

Region II - Concert Assessment

Lake Hamilton High School Auditorium - March 7th, 8th, and 9th


Lake Hamilton Junior High Band: 1, 1, 1 on stage and 1 in sight reading!

Lake Hamilton High School Symphonic Winds: 1, 1, 1 on stage and 1 in sight reading!

Lake Hamilton High School Wind Symphony: 1, 1, 1 on stage and 1 in sight reading!

Lake Hamilton Middle School Band: 1, 1, 1 on stage and 1 in sight reading!

High School Region Audition Results 2019

Thank you to all that helped with the auditions today!

Congratulations 7th, 8th and 9th grade Power Band Members on making the Region II All-Region Honor Band!

Flute - 1st Band: 5th Chair ^ Hilmer Diaz; 2nd Band: 1st Chair ^ Sally Santillan; 5th Chair ^ Kaylee Smith; 11th Chair ^ Lillian Peters; 5th Alternate ^ Leslie Islas

Oboe - 1st Alternate ^ Nikki Newell

Bassoon - 2nd Band: 1st Chair ^ Naomi King

Clarinet - 1st Band: 10th Chair ^ Haley Toennis; 11th Chair ^ Lailah Spearman; 13th Chair ^ Kendall House; 14th Chair ^ Kennedi Malliard; 26th Chair ^ Madison Divine; 2nd Band: 2nd Chair ^ Kiana Arcos; 7th Chair ^ Claudia Turner; 12th Chair ^ Krysten Gilchrist; 25th Chair ^ Keira Walka; 2nd Alternate ^ Mia Cockman; 7th Alternate ^ Elena Rojas; 8th Alternate ^ Sara Velcherean

Bass Clarinet - 2nd Band: 3rd Chair ^ Emmaleigh McClard

Alto Sax - 2nd Band: 4th Chair ^ Abbigail Chuang; 1st Alternate ^ Paris Macon; 4th Alternate ^ Jaden Hooper; 6th Alternate ^ Phoebe Trusell

Tenor Sax - 2nd Band: 1st Chair ^ Lorelei Hand

Baritone Sax - 2nd Alternate ^ Tyler Black

Trumpet - 1st Band: 3rd Chair ^ Kaden Mays; 4th Chair ^ Savana Green; 7th Chair ^ Andrew Garcia; 9th Chair ^ Micah Graves; 13th Chair ^ Malachi Abon; 2nd Band: 4th Chair ^ Devin Patel; 7th Chair ^ Shelbi Vincent; 9th Chair ^ Sydnee Murders; 13th Chair ^ Levi Stratton; 1st Alternate ^ Zoey Jobe; 5th Alternate ^ Dorian Zlibut

French Horn - 1st Band: 4th Chair ^ Emily Ward; 5th Chair ^ Madison Cole; 2nd Band: 6th Chair ^ Cora Breshears; 2nd Alternate ^ Jonathan Newell; 3rd Alternate ^ Ty Harris

Trombone - 1st Band: 1st Chair ^ Lauren Charles; 2nd Chair ^ Monivann Lep; 6th Chair ^ Jedidiah Deweber; 8th Chair ^ Zeke Lakey; 1st Alternate ^ Abigail Dalton; 5th Alternate ^ Anthony Arcos

Baritone - 2nd Band: 4th Chair ^ Coby Qualls; 6th Chair ^ Alex Pequignot; 4th Alternate ^ Zach Gonzales

Tuba - 2nd Band: 4th Chair ^ Harrison Carruth; 6th Chair ^ Hunter Baber; 8th Chair ^ Jacob Muddiman; 3rd Alternate ^ Preston Hesse

Percussion - 1st Band: 4th Chair ^ Nathan Miller; 9th Chair ^ Nathan Brannon; 12th Chair ^ Larry Morales; 2nd Band: 5th Chair ^ Austin Vanderburg; 7th Chair ^ Evan Estes; 8th Chair ^ Gracelyn Hargove; 11th Chair ^ Jeremiah Millard; 1st Alternate ^ Avery Hunt; 6th Alternate ^ Eli Faughn

Congratulations to the following HS Power Band members that made the Region II

HS All-Region Jazz Band!

Baritone Sax - 2nd Alternate ^ Dylan Coffman

Trumpet - 2nd Chair, 2nd Band ^ Eli Shields

Trombone - 1st Alternate ^ Kaden Manley

Piano (Keyboard) - 1st Chair, 1st Band ^ Ben Favorite (All-State Qualifier)

Guitar - 1st Chair, 2nd Band ^ Tyler Turner (All-State Qualifier)

A Huge Thank You...

to all that came out in support of the Lake Hamilton Bands last night at our first ever,

LH Power Band Chili Supper and Homeshow.

Wishing the LH Power Band good luck and safe travels on their trip to BOA Grand Nationals in Indy!

Arkansas 6A State Champions!!!

1st Division, Outstanding Visual in Class, Outstanding Music in Class and 1st Place in Class 6A

Lake Hamilton Power Band Grand Champion at Championship at the Rock Competition!

8th Consecutive Championship

Not even the weather could stop us from making music this past Saturday here in Pearcy

at the 1st ever Music for All affiliate Power Band Classic!

Huge thank you for those that participated, spectated and worked to make this contest possible despite the rain...

Homecoming Parade 2018

Big fun and school spirit again this year in our homecoming parade here in Pearcy.

2nd Annual Patriot's Day First Responders Procession Parade

Saturday, September 15th, 2018

Beautiful Downtown Hot Springs, AR!

Great Day for a Parade.

Thank you Hot Springs Knights of Columbus for the cold water and hot dogs!

Composition Dedication - 'Gold' by D. Riley Nicholson

D. Riley Nicholson has composed for a wide range of ensembles and performance venues including music for contemporary ballet, theater, orchestral music, wind band, chamber music, vocal music, and electronic music. He is a graduate of Lake Hamilton High School, the University of Memphis, and the San Francisco Conservatory of Music.

The Lake Hamilton Wind Symphony premiered this latest composition dedicated to the Lake Hamilton band program entitled, 'Gold'.

The program notes describe Gold as a composition of music 'inspired by the spirit of the Lake Hamilton band program, whose energy, spirit, and drive is palpable as they strive for excellence. Gold is representative of the ensemble itself: the energy of potential, and the opportunity to succeed, grow, fail, try, and go for the gold in each moment.'