KGV's Exam & References for External Institutions Policy
Students who need a school reference in support of any kind of application are reminded that there is a policy for school reference.  Details of policy can be found here.

The KGV Careers Office
The Careers & H.E. Guidance Department at KGV work together with all students to help them prepare for their life beyond secondary school.  Three full time counsellors guide students and parents through the application process to universities all over the world, offering advice on course selection and destination.  In addition, we also work closely with younger students to offer advice on options choices and in conjunction with other international schools to develop closer links with institutions both in Hong Kong and abroad.  Information sessions are offered to students and parents on a regular basis and personal consultations with our counsellors are encouraged.  In our Learning Resources Centre, we aim to offer a wide variety of materials to help students research the opportunities available to them.  KGV regularly hosts talks from alumni and university admissions staff at various times throughout the school year.

Students can click these link for direct access to the Gateway and LIONeL:



Please see our school profile for class of 2017 destinations.

Ms Elaine FUNG,
5 Nov 2017, 23:00