Upcoming HE Visits
8 Nov, Wed, Lunch break @ SSC5
University of Navarra, Spain

10 Nov, Fri, Lunch break @ SSC5
University of Leeds - School of Law: Professor Joan Loughrey
Prof. Loughrey is one of the top law academics at U of Leeds and is well-positioned to give students fantastic information on studying law.
Check profile of Prof. Loughrey here: http://www.law.leeds.ac.uk/people/staff/loughrey/

KGV Careers Fair 2017 on 9 Nov

2017 Y9 Careers Fair is scheduled at 12:15 on 9 Nov.  All Y9 students are required to attend the Fair at Hall during Period 4 and lunch time.  P5 will be as normal.

Approximately 40 companies will be attending.  This will give students an opportunity to find out what it is like working in their industries.

Four talks are also scheduled.  Students are required to attend at least one of the talks, by making their choices via this Googld Form: https://goo.gl/forms/N7RTbx2GE3ASp0Cn1  

Profile of the speakers and brief description of the talks were emailed to all Y9 students.

ESF University Fair 2018 - Save the date!

King George V School is proud to be the host of the ESF University Fair 2018.  Date of the Fair is 29 January 2018, Monday.  Invitations to the Fair were sent out.  Any institutions who would like to attend the Fair, please contact: esf-fair@kgv.edu.hk

The Careers & H.E. Guidance Department at KGV work together with all students to help them prepare for their life beyond secondary school.  Three full time counsellors guide students and parents through the application process to universities all over the world, offering advice on course selection and destination.  In addition, we also work closely with younger students to offer advice on options choices and in conjunction with other international schools to develop closer links with institutions both in Hong Kong and abroad.  Information sessions are offered to students and parents on a regular basis and personal consultations with our counsellors are encouraged.  In our Learning Resources Centre, we aim to offer a wide variety of materials to help students research the opportunities available to them.  KGV regularly hosts talks from alumni and university admissions staff at various times throughout the school year.

Students can click these link for direct access to the Gateway and LIONeL:



Please see our school profile for class of 2017 destinations.

Ms Elaine FUNG,
5 Nov 2017, 23:00