What is ORYZA2000 ?

ORYZA2000 is a crop modeling tool used to to simulate the growth, development, and water balance of lowland rice under conditions of potential production and water and/or nitrogen limitations.

What is ORYZA ?

ORYZA, or ORYZA version 3.0, evolved from the earlier versions of ORYZA2000 v2.13, v2.12, v2 and v1, which are the integrated successors of ORYZA1 (Kropff et al., 1994), ORYZA_W (Wopereis et al., 1996) and ORYZA_N (Drenth et al., 1994).

For more details on the modules and development of the ORYZA model, please read the Release Notes.

Why should I use ORYZA ?       


How can I get ORYZA ?

ORYZA is distributed free of charge and can be downloaded HERE.

What do I need to prepare before using ORYZA for a basic simulation ?

The ORYZA accepts 6 input data files, each with a specific file format:

Where can I get support ?
Send an email to the Crop Modeling Team for calibration and/or minor technical support.