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Social Media Ambassadors

Social Media Ambassadors are connected, involved enrolled media students who are leaders in our community. They convey a wealth of accurate knowledge about High Point, span a wide variety of academic focuses and co-curricular interests and are passionate about social media. These students are the “online tour guides” for the student experience and fill a crucial institutional need: as more and more prospective students and families are developing their perspectives on an institution based on online content, we must ensure that the student's voice is heard and our High Point Wildcat brand is monitored. The audience for this produced content goes beyond prospective students and families but includes current students, staff, alumni, recruiters, and friends of High Point. The Social Media Ambassadors will provide critical insights into life at High Point and tell real-life stories appreciated by the entire community.

All Social Media Ambassadors must be active advocates for the institution through both personal and high school branded social media accounts. Ambassadors must act professionally, keeping in mind that they are representatives of High Point (e.g., appropriate language, pictures, videos, etc.). Ambassadors are required to abide by High Point policies as outlined in the Board Education Social Media Policy and your Student Handbook. We reserve the right to remove, replace or delete any student’s accounts who are unable to comply.

Key Responsibilities

The ideal candidate maintains a personal and professional presence on various social media platforms - Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Snapchat.

Required to maintain a presence & contribute on at least one of the following platforms (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Livestream, Edublogs, LinkedIn, Google+).

All candidates should be comfortable responding to inquiries, questions, and discussions as directed by your instructor (i.e., hashtags, branded pages, & student groups).

Required to blog daily on - Blogs must be authentic and focus on the student experience.

Encouraged to create video, photo and written assets.

Monitor and remove inappropriate comments, articles, and links.

Be a portal of positive, engaging information for yourself, the school, and the community.

Enduring Ideas

What type of digital footprint is being created? How might it impact users today and in the future? Think about social media as an evolving personal resume that is not easily edited.

Life moments and memories are an integral part of our lives. Do we want them to be viewed by everyone? Will they expose us to risk?

What is the intent and focus of social media communication?

Communication may be evolving, but being a quality communicator will remain a critical success factor. How is the use of social media shaping communication skills?

What are the implications for building effective lines of communication with different generations?

Do you think technology is helping or hurting your ability to connect with the most important people in your life?

Training Requirements

Select, read, watch and act on all learning link opportunities!

* Ambassador accounts will be deactivated upon graduation or due to violations of the school's guidelines and board of education policies.

Key Questions

What types of communication do you think social networks are best for?

What kind of information do you view and share over social networks?

What kind of information is appropriate to share, and what isn’t?


Be a voice for HPRHS and drive engagement amongst online audiences.

Influence prospective student’s decision to apply and attend High Point.

Earn 25 Community Service Hours.

Resume-building experience that can be shared with colleges & employers.

Opportunity to establish and /or further develop an online personal brand.

Exposure to social media brand strategy and new platforms through practice, training and certification.