Media Technology

Hello Storytellers, Directors, Editors, Videographers, Broadcasters, Content Creators and Social Media Ambassadors.

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This is the place to keep up to date with all your enrolled Media Courses, events, projects, assignments, links and helpful resources. This is our home!

Our mission is to promote, showcase and brand our Wildcat educational experiences.


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Independent Study

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Semester 1

P1 MT2 (H) - To: 81010 - @98g88g

P2 MT2 (A) - To: 81010 - @f2k6g2

P3 MT3 (H) - To: 81010 - @gha9d4

P3 MT4(H) - To: 81010 - @dkdbk

P5 MT1 (A) - To: 81010 - @cb3gf9

P7 MT1 (A) - To: 81010 - @fh8269


Semester 2

P5 DB (A) - To: 81010 - @82f82

P7 MT1S2 (A) - To: 81010 - @aaed3k

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