Lighter CS


Final Approachable Tools for Using the Conservation Standards (Session 1 - February 16th)

CMP Feb 2023 Webinar

Watch this recording of our February 16, 2023 webinar to learn about ways to adapt the CS to whatever project you're working on. The middle of the session (when participants were in breakout rooms) was not recorded.

Lighter CS Cookbook - Working Draft

Lighter CS Cookbook

Includes "recipe" cards highlighting key steps for a lighter approach & tipsheets for coaches & facilitators

Lighter Conservation Standards Scenarios


Lists different scenarios & key steps / outputs needed under those scenarios. Serves as basis for "recipe" cards

Provides templates, examples, & resources for deeper guidance & support on steps / outputs covered under tipsheets

Video overview of how to use the Lighter CS Cookbook

Community-Recommended Lighter CS Resources

Community-recommended resources

List of resources suggested by community in Sept 2021 consultation

CMP Feb 2022 Webinar

Watch this recording of our February 8, 2022 webinar to learn more about the Lighter CS product, and how to use it.

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