Student Support Services

The goal of the Counseling Department at Columbia Junior High School is to establish a school-counseling program that includes academic, career and personal and social development and that enable all students to achieve success in school and develop into contributing members of society.

The Counseling Office at Columbia Junior High School provides a Solution-Focused approach to its services and programs. Solution-focused counseling is a step-wise process that emphasizes and builds upon student strengths, and focuses on solutions rather than problems.

Personal Counseling Services

The Counseling Office at CJH provides the following services:

  • Individual or group counseling, upon request or as needed, to address problems of a personal or specific nature.
  • Parent conferences and referral resources.
  • Specialized support groups, such as grief groups, as the need arises.
  • Information for students on topics related to mental health.
  • Crisis intervention counseling.
  • Drug and alcohol information and treatment referrals for students.
  • Resources for parents with questions about adolescent development issues.

Academic Counseling Services

The Counseling Office at CJH monitors the academic progress of students and provides information on:

  • Courses at Columbia Junior High.
  • Graduation requirements for Fife High School.
  • State Testing results.
  • Credit recovery and summer school programs.
  • Tutorial services in the community.
  • General academic counseling.

Career Counseling Services

The Counseling Department at CJH in collaboration with the Business and Technology Department provides information and service on:

  • The High School and Beyond Plan required for graduation
  • 4-year course planning
  • Fife High School Curriculum Guide navigation
  • Career pathway information as it relates to courses at Columbia Junior High School and Fife High School.