Dual Language

Benjamin Cosor Elementary School students are able to become biliterate in English and Spanish, in our dual language program.  Available to students in kindergarten through 4th grade, the program prepares students for an increasingly diverse society, and makes them more marketable in education and the workforce in the 21st Century.


Numerous research has shown that bilingual individuals have distinct advantages over their monolingual peers, including better memory, literacy, decision-making skills, problem-solving, and attention to tasks.  Studies have also shown that bilingual individuals have, on average, a later onset of dementia when compared to their monolingual peers.  Bilingual students have also been found to be happier than monolingual students and outperform them on standardized tests.


Interested parents of students in kindergarten through second grade need to register their students for the dual language program. To do so, parents should complete the attached form, and return it to the main office of Benjamin Cosor Elementary School, 15 Old Falls Road, Fallsburg, NY, 12733. Enrollment is limited, and students might be selected through a lottery if the number interested exceeds the number of seats available.


For more information, parents may contact Dr. Sally Sharkey, Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction, at (845) 434-6800, or Ms. Mary Kate Stinehour, BCES Principal, at (845) 434-4110.

Interested parents may click here for a presentation on Benjamin Cosor Elementary School's Dual Language program.