Compliance Training

Compliance Training

Every employee is required by the college to complete compliance training which consists of 6 courses: Diversity Basics, State Ethics, Sexual Harassment Prevention, Family Educational Rights, and Privacy Act (FERPA), and Workplace Civility and Respect Policy, the Alcohol and Drug-Free Policy.  Completions are automatically added to individual training records. These training assists employees to understand the federal, state, and/or college policies to which they are held accountable.

NEW: Retraining is required EVERY THREE YEARS for all employees. New employees must complete the training upon hire and then EVERY THREE YEARS. NO email reminders for retraining will be sent. All 6 courses are now web-based and easily accessible without enrollment. 

By following the instructions below, you are now able to track your own training on the Training Tracker system. Contact Yumiko Nesheim at with questions.

INSTRUCTIONS—Web-Based Compliance Training

  1. Go to

  2. Follow the steps on the site to read the materials and then take the quiz following each course.

  3. Upon completion of each quiz, please make sure you need to see the next page for each of the training's that looks like this below screen:

                                      another example: 

    4. The link will take you to the Training Tracker database where you will log in with your username and password (same as for accessing email) If you encounter              problems logging in, contact the Helpdesk at x1234.
    5. The completion will automatically be added to your employee training record. 
    6. Your training report is accessible to you at