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November 8, 2011
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Click here for the  Commendations for these BRAVO recipients: Patrick Rolland, Saruul Khishigsuren, Beverly Felton, Chatell Wallace, Paulette Botley, Ton Sridi, Morgan Santiago, Peg Basson, Patricia Eaton, Jaime Martin, Frederick Pieters, Diana Bustos, Jean Van Hollebeke, Kevin Pham. Not pictured: Tom Fleming

BRAVO Project

A great college such as ours earns its reputation through the efforts of each and every employee. And we must acknowledge the extra step, the special attention, the extraordinary effort of our colleagues in order to fuel the sparks that provide the best in student service and educational delivery. The BRAVO Project reinforces the importance of praise, thanks, recognition and appreciation.

Thanks to this project, you have access to BRAVO cards. Please take a moment and send one to someone to say thanks for a job well done. The recipient of your card, whether a student worker, faculty member, classified staff, or administrator, will thank you. If you run out of cards, contact our ODET Department for more. 

BRAVO Awards
Each quarter, BRAVO Awards are given to recipients who have displayed extraordinary service. The presentation takes place in the TUB where refreshments are served and the BRAVO mugs presented. To nominate a colleague for a BRAVO Award, send the name and a brief explanation of their accomplishment to Yumiko Nesheim:

BRAVO Award Recipients
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