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ODET Policies

Release Time 

  • Professional and Personal Development Events on Regular Class Days:
Participation in ODET training and development programs and events must be approved in advance by the employee’s supervisor. If approval is granted, the employee may attend the training as part of his/her normal working day as release time.
  • Training and Development on Non-Class Campus Days:
To the extent reasonably possible, the college shall allow classified employees equivalent opportunity to attend staff development and training events on days when the campus is closed to the public. (Article 10.3 – Classified Negotiated Agreement).
  • Classes Taken for College Credit:
Normally, employees will take classes during non-working hours. Edmonds Community College Employees may be allowed release time to take one class per quarter that relates to the employee’s work assignment during working hours, with prior approval of the employee’s supervisor. Employees will be granted release time only if the course is recommended by the employee’s supervisor as a means of improving work experience or achieving unique requirements for their position. Employees who are allowed to take other classes during working hours are expected to rearrange work schedules with approval from their supervisor in order to complete a normal workday during this time. Classified employees whose work schedules are changed to accommodate classes, must make the appropriate arrangements with Human Resources to comply with the classified work schedule rules.

Training Records

ODET keeps a record of all people who attend ODET sponsored trainings. If you would like a copy of your own training record, contact Yumi Nesheim in the ODET Office. This is especially recommended if you are developing or updating your Individual Development Plan (IDP).

Completion Certificates

If you need documentation of having completed an ODET training and would like a certificate of completion, contact Yumi Nesheim in the ODET Office. Additional Professional Development Opportunities for Classified & Exempt EmployeesIn addition to ODET sponsored trainings, there are several ways college employees can access professional development opportunities.

Additional Professional Development Opportunities for Classified & Exempt Employees

Besides ODET sponsored trainings, there are several ways college employees can access professional development opportunities.
  • Tuition Waivers
State employees who are permanent and are employed at least half-time, are eligible to take college classes at a reduced cost and on a space available basis. These classes must be state support, not self support classes. If you have questions about the status of a class contact the Registration Office. Also note that employees wanting to take a class during scheduled working hours must have their supervisor’s approval. For a Tuition Waiver form, contact the Human Resources Office at 640-1400 or download it from the U-Drive in the Human Resources folder.
  • Classified & Professional/ Exempt Staff Development (CSD & PESD) Funds and Individual Development Plan Funds

In order to promote and encourage employee training and development, Edmonds Community College has budgeted funds to help support the training and developmental goals of its employees. The ODET Department facilitates processes by which employees may apply for funding. Final approval of funding requests rests with the Vice President of Human Resources.

CSD, PESD and IDP funding is available for individual grants totaling up to $500 per fiscal year until funds are expended. Grants exceeding the annual total may be approved by the Vice President of Human Resources for exceptional opportunities and needs. The $500 cap includes the total from any of the funds listed above.

CSD, PESD and IDP funding is intended to support the training and development goals, developed by employees with the support of their supervisors and recorded in their IDP (Individual Development Plan). Sufficient funding does not exist to address all the critical training needs of each individual and department; therefore, departments and divisions will need to support more extensive training costs with the funds that remain within department budgets for that purpose.

CSD, PESD and IDP Funding may also be made available for projects that demonstrate the potential for increasing effectiveness of college processes. Potential for furthering the mission and strategic direction of the college will be strongly considered in granting funds.

The total amount of funds available each fiscal year will be determined by the President’s Cabinet through the annual budgeting process.

For step-by-step application procedures and application forms, visit the “ODET” folder on the “U” drive.

  • Business & Technology Center (BTC)
The Business and Technology Center at Edmonds Community College offers employees a 25% discount on computer classes offered in the BTC Quarterly schedule (online classes and books are excluded from this offer). For more information contact the BTC Office at 640-1847.

Additional Professional Development Opportunities for Faculty

  • Faculty Development Funds: Each full-time academic employees receives $850 annually to pay for professional development. Refer to the faculty negotiated agreement for details on use of funds
  • Sabbaticals: Full-time tenured academic employees are eligible for professional leave. The deadline to apply to the Professional Leave Committee is January 15 of each year. Refer to the faculty negotiated agreement for criteria for selection and the application process.
  • Part-Time Faculty Development Divisional Funds: Each EdCC division is allocated funds for professional development for part-time faculty. Requests are fully or partially funded until the allotment is depleted. To request these funds, part-time faculty should contact their Division Office or Department Chair for details on how to apply.