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Welcome to the web site for AP Economics. Here you will find a variety of information critical to your success in the course.
First, if you miss class you will want to look at the current assignments page. Second, you will find links to the resources available to you through the Krugman and Wells textbook site. Finally, I will occasionally post links to articles about economics and economics policy that you will need to read for class. 

Here you will find a list of current assignments. You can subscribe to this as an RSS feed if you wish. 

Links to other economics resources

This is a great site! It includes numerous web lessons on a wide variety of economic topics. I highly encourage you to use if often.

In addition to writing our text, Krugman is a New York Times' columnist and a professor at Princeton. We might look at his blog and columns from time to time. 

This links to our class Facebook page. It is an open group, so just request to join. It's a good place to ask questions of your classmates and alumni. I also sometimes post information or answer questions there, although I plan on transitioning to the twitter feed this year.

This great site is maintained by Jason Welker, an IB Economics teacher in Switzerland. He has links to a variety of resources. The most useful to you are probably the video lessons on a variety of economic topics. 

This is a fairly technical economics blog. Impress your friends by making sense of it!


The calendar below will provide a snapshot of what we are doing in class as well as some assignment information. You can find more details by following AP Econ Assignments link. For some reason, the calendar only displays about one month ahead on this page. I am working on finding a way to give you access further into the future.

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