Thespian Troupe #5994 Information and Lettering

Thespians is a student run honor society for theatre students. 

For more information about Thespians, please check out their websites, contact the sponsor, or an officer.

Anyone at Chaparral interested in theatre is considered an unofficial Thespian until they earn membership into the honor society.

Check out the CHS Theatre Calendar for events and meeting times or find


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Presidents                        Ivwa Sternkopf and Bailey Schwab

Board Members         Ambrose Velasco Jenkins, Bella Block, Kayleigh Switzer, and Owen Jenkins


International Thespian Society         Colorado State Thespian Society

Chaparral High School

Drama Letter


    It should be a unique and special honor to receive a Letter in Drama.  To earn a Letter in Drama, students must go above and beyond what is regularly expected from a CHS Drama student.  A Letter represents the top echelon of students.  Letters may be acquired yearly.


    Required:  In order to letter in drama a student must participate in at least one of the annual all school productions, with the additional conditions:

1)     Level of participation: The student must acquire 25 points to be considered for a drama letter.  Points are earned only for the major role (technical or acting) that a student has in a production.  For example, if a student is a part of the set construction crew, yet occasionally helps out with lighting, the student only earns points for set construction.  Helping with additional committees or teams is considered part of the CHS drama experience and students are expected to help when asked.  You are encouraged to earn points in 2 areas.  To earn points for a secondary position, the student must spend at least 20 hours of time, giving full attention to that secondary position, as well as have the points approved by the director.  Points for a third position are not allowed.  For any points to be granted, quality work must be done.  Having the title does not guarantee you lettering points.    Typical points are as follows and may be changed to meet the needs of a production:

Acting:                                                         Production:                                          Miscellaneous:

            Major Role                       8                 Stage Manager                      10          Theater Class with

            Minor Role                       5                 Assistant Stage Mgr.              7           a “B” grade or better              2 per semester

            Walk-on                            2                                                                                 Acting Competition               2

            Chorus                              4                 Running Crew                         4           Tech Competition                  2

            Dancer                              4                 Lighting Designer                   6           Attending a Festival              2

            Understudy                      2                 Lighting Board Op                  5           Attending a Play                    1 max 4

            Talent Show Act              2                 Lighting Crew                          3           Thespian President               2

            Talent Show MC             8                 Set Designer                           8           Vice President                        2

Student Director:                                         Set Construction                     5           Secretary                                 2

            Director                           10                Sound Designer                     6           Treasurer                                2

            Assistant Director           8                 Sound Crew                            4           Thespian member                1

            Vocal Director                 6                 Costume Designer                 5           Encore Player                        2

            Music Director                 6                 Costume Crew                        2          

            Choreographer               7                 Makeup Designer                   2                                                            

            Dance Captain                4                 Makeup Artist                          1          

            Tech Director                 10                Scenic Artist                             6

            Director’s Ass’t                6                 Painter                                      2          

            MC Coordinator              8                 Prop Manager                         6          

            Tal. Show Cord.              8                Prop Crew                                3


            Business/Box Manager 5                 Prompter                                  1

            Publicity Manager          3                 Musician                                   3

            Publicity Crew                 1                 Technician for outside           

            House Manager              1                 group                                        1          

            Ushers                              1                

            Program Designer         3

Concessions                   1                                                                                

NOTE:  This point system varies slightly from the International Thespian Point System.  To become a Thespian you need 10 points.  Thespians pay lifetime dues of $30.00 and are recognized as part of this prestigious theater organization.


2)     The student cannot be considered as having participated if he/she quits the show/festival/conference or is removed from the show/festival/conference at any time.

3)     The student cannot receive disciplinary action in theater class or theater production during the school year.

4)     Academic eligibility:  Grades will be checked, and the student must maintain a 3.5 GPA for all theatre classes taken and a cumulative 3.0 GPA in high school.

5)     Academic dishonesty clause:  All students will maintain academic integrity in all classes.  This means zero tolerance for academic dishonesty that is reported to administration via the referral process and documented. 

6)     The student must abide by all other rules, regulations and policies established by the Chaparral High School Theater Arts Department.

7)     You must be a Thespian in good standing in order to letter.  You can achieve both of these in the same year.

8)     A Thespian in good standing means grades at or above #4 and #5 above, a minimum of 10 points earned during the year, and enrolled in a theatre class.  Seniors wishing to graduate with honors or paint a brick must be a Thespian in good standing and lettering for at least two years (one must be his or her senior year).

9)    In order to letter a student should be enrolled in theatre class(es) for the year.

I WISH I KNEW… A Guide to Chaparral Theatre

So, you’re coming to Chaparral next year! Holy cow, thats pretty scary huh? Especially if you don’t know very much about how Chap Theatre runs, it can be pretty intimidating! So we asked all of our theatre kids what they wish they knew before coming to Chap Theatre.

Here’s what we wish we knew!!

I wish I knew...What a Thespian is

A Thespian is anyone interested in theatre.  There are official Thespian, those that have earned lettering points and been inducted into the International Thespian Society, and unofficial Thespians, those who have not joined yet.  There is a ceremony in May where students get inducted.

I wish I knew… How to audition

-Okay, auditions are terrifying to begin with, but not knowing where to start is enough to make anyone think twice before auditioning. However, we’re here to make you life easier and less stressful. First off, Mr. Peterson posts a sign up list on the window of the Green Room entrance. On the signup list, there will be different time slots for you to sign up for. Choose whatever time works best for you. Some people like to sign up in the first group to get it over with while others sign up later so they can have extra time to practice. Its personal preference. On the day of the audition, make sure to remember to dress nicely! First impressions matter!!!! When your time slot rolls around a Stage Manager will line you up in order and your group of 7-10 will enter the theatre. You will all sit in the front row of the auditorium and wait for your turn. After someone auditions, it is proper etiquette not to clap! When you go up to audition say your slate and begin your audition! When you are finished don’t forget to say thank you to the director and pat yourself on the shoulder because you just kicked serious butt at your audition!! DON’T FORGET TO HAVE FUN!!! Mr. Peterson usually posts the cast list online within the week of the audition!           

I wish I knew… How to slate

-Slating is an important part of every audition because it tells the director who you are, and how confident, professional and prepared you are. Here’s how to slate for a Chaparral Production.

Hi my name is ___________ and I will be performing a piece entitled_________ written by _________.              

I wish I knew… How to choose a monologue

-Picking the right monologue could be the difference between getting cast or cut from the show. But don't let that scare you! The trick is to pick a monologue that represents the character you are most inclined to play in the show you are auditioning for. This allows the director to see if you would be a good fit for that specific character. Now that you have a character in mind, there are many many resources for you to find THE perfect monologue for your audition. Here are some places to check out!

-Do a monologue that is not a story, but rather a character talking to another character.

-Know why your character is saying what they are saying

-The theatre classroom is a great place to find plays.  Many times you can find a monologue in a play or you can piece one together.

-The School Library (talk to Mr. Larson he’s super cool)

-The Parker Library (1000s of monologue books… Yes please)

-If you do decide to look online, make sure to dig pretty deep and make sure your choices aren’t from movies or television shows and are written by credible writers!

-Find an Encore Player/Presidency Member, they will be more than willing to help you!

Once you find the perfect monologue, make sure it fits with the time constraint that Peterson says. If you go over time during an audition you will get cut off. It doesn’t mean you did bad, its just so they stay on schedule! Good luck and Happy Searching!!                 

I wish I knew… About getting involved in crew if you don’t make a show

- Didn't make a show? No worries!!! Stay involved. Join crew! There are so many options from building and painting the set to selling tickets and ushering the door. There is an unlimited amount of things to do!! Try everything at least once!! You won't regret it!!!:)        

I wish I knew… How to get involved

-Sign up… FOR EVERYTHING. Haven’t done it before? Sign up. Nervous? Do it. The biggest rule of improv is never say no. So why say no to anything involving theatre??               

I wish I knew… The traditions

-The traditions have been happening at Chaparral since before I can remember. I’ll admit they’re weird and crazy, but they help us get pumped for a show!!! So here’s what the actors and Techies do before a show!!


-Little Sally Walker

-Fired Up

-Ride That Pony

-I Like You So Much Better When You’re Naked- Ida Maria (LEARN THIS SONG! The girls have a crazy dance party before every show in the dressing room)


-Shalom Dance

-Bum bum bitty bitty

-Fired Up

-I’ll Make a Man Out of You



-Techie Time (warm up games)

I wish I knew… What Sparky is

-During the performance of Beauty and the Beast, the fire alarm went off, causing the entire theatre to be evacuated during a live show. Now before each show all the technicians hail "Sparky" the fire alarm to prevent the same outcome.

I wish I knew… What a green room is

-The green room is the room at the back of the performing arts hall. (its not actually green) It’s where actors hang out during shows when they’re not on stage. Peterson teaches a variety of classes in the green room too.

I wish I knew… How many shows Chap does a year

-Fall Mainstage Production (play)

-Spring Mainstage Production (musical)

-SOS Talent Show

-Freshman/Sophomore Show

I wish I knew… Who to talk to if I have any more questions

Contact the Thespian Officers

I wish I knew… Where to find more information

www.chaparraltheatre .org

Chaparral Theatre and Chaparral Thespians is on Facebook

Chaparral Theatre is on twitter @chaptheatre

Chaparral Thespians is on twitter @troupe5994