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So you are signed up for the State Conference…Now what?

As someone who is headed to the one of the largest state Thespian conference in the country there are some things you need to know before we go.

For everyone:

1-  We will be hosting a pot-luck dinner for parents and all students on Tuesday November 28 @ 6pm.  Please plan on attending.  We will be viewing all Individual Events, having dinner, and going over expectations.

2-  The potluck seems to work best if everyone just brings a dish to share with others.  Somehow it all works out!  Plates, utensils, napkins, and cups will be provided.

2-  The rooming list is posted outside my office.

3-  Everything is paid for except for your food.  You need to bring money for six meals.  It is a good idea to bring snack food with you.  Where you eat and how much you spend is up to you.  Budget your money.

4-  Be aware of these standard rules right now

1- No one goes anywhere alone

2- Your assigned chaperon must know where you are going

3- You are expected to be in workshops, IE events, or shows at all times they are scheduled.  Check out the schedule at

4-  You do not miss or be late to any of the check in times

5-  Most infractions will result in being sent home  

5-  We leave for conference on Thursday December 7st at 1:30 pm and are returning December 9th about 4:00 pm depending on the end of the conference.

6-  You should have all homework done before you leave for the conference.  Work ahead and get the job done.

7-  Everyone wears the maroon Thespian Shirt on Thursday December 7th.  This is both tradition and what we take our yearbook picture in that day.  

8-  Once we get to downtown.  We have to check in at two locations – Hotel and Conference.   Be patient and stay together.  You will get a schedule of events – keep it with you for the entire weekend.

For those who are competing in Individual Events:

1- You must show Mr. Peterson a polished draft of your piece before Thanksgiving Break.  

2-  You will be performance ready for the Pot-Luck dinner.

3-  Check the thespian web-site for times and locations before we leave for the conference.  (

Chaperones – we will have a quick meeting to go over expectations at the Pot Luck

Join the ThesCon Remind Group text @4ee3ed to the number 81010

Room #Room Captains
1Morgan ErwinKyah ConradKaylee BergesonHelen Campbell
2Caroline NorrisMorgan OaksBarbra ChimentoPresley Leland
3Skyler HoegerMaddie DaviesMady FrangellaOlivia Goff
4Mollie StewardAngela HowellShai-Ann PettiboneHannah Tracy
5Izze SajdakPaige BowersSierra CorbinMolly Peek
6AJ DucheMegan WarkoskiSkylar Bontempo
7Chloe CherroLizie ConradGrace Kennedy
8Megan SteinheimerKatelynn BruscoMaddie TateHannah Bengston
9Michelle DillerKyra KauffmanBrielle WilliamsRylea Hurt
10Rose Frederiksen-KellyCharlotte PadrnosElizabeth Sodnicar
11Nathan HileAlex HernandezEthan McBrideJoel Thompson
12Eli VatsaasCamden CohenBrady Ruth
13Jacob PedersonLucas HernanHolden FryeRyan Wagner
14Cade AndersonTaylor BergesonJoe RobinsonJoe Steiner
15Will StanzGabe DavisDonovan del RosiaroAaron Worland
16Adam GreekEvan Slattum Flynn PlummerCameron Ehrle
17Danny de PazDerek AndersonFoster Martelon
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Aug 1, 2017, 9:53 AM