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The arts are a core subject under federal law, similar to math, English, and other curricular academics.

U.S. employers rate creativity and innovation among the top five skills that will increase in importance in the next five years.

97% of surveyed school superintendents said that theatre activities develop creativity in students.

Training in acting classes improves language and memory skills.

56% of corporate executives and 79% of school superintendents agree that a college degree in the arts is the most significant indicator of creativity in a prospective job candidate.

At-risk eighth graders highly involved in the arts have better grades, less likelihood of dropping out by grade 10, have more positive attitudes about school, and are more likely to go on to college.

Researchers found that "sustained learning" in theater correlates to greater success in math and reading, and students from lower socioeconomic backgrounds see the greatest benefits.

A national poll indicated that 91% of voters believe that the arts are essential for building the capacity of imagination and that 73% felt that the ability to imagine is just as important as basic academic skills for all students.

In 2010, students who took four years of arts classes while in high school scored 102 points better on their SATs than students who took only one-half year or less

In a 2005 Harris Poll, 93% of Americans said that the arts are vital to providing a well-rounded education for children.

Classroom drama games increase literacy skills in young children.

Nobel Prize winners in science are twenty-five times more likely as average scientists to act, sing, or dance.

"The study of drama, dance, music, and the visual arts helps students explore realities, relationships, and ideas that cannot be conveyed simply in words or numbers." Secretary Arne Duncan, in the introduction of Reinvesting in Arts Education, the 2011 President’s Committee on the Arts and Humanities report.

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