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Crew for Anatomy of Gray

Anatomy of Gray

Cast List

Student Director         Mollie Steward

Galen Gray         Nathan Hile and Joe Robinson

June Muldoon         Helen Campbell and Charlotte Padrnos

Rebekah Muldoon         Paige Bowers and Caroline Norris

Pastor Phineas Wingfield Evan Slattum and Joe Steiner

Tiny Wingfield        Barbra Chimento and Kyah Conrad

Crutch Collins Dylan Eric Damkoehler and Jacob Pederson

Belva Collins         Maddie Davies and AJ Duche`

Maggie                 Rose Frederiksen-Kelly and Izze Sajdak

Homer                 Ethan McBride and Brady Ruth

Names are listed alphabetically and do not depict two separate casts

Leadership Positions for 2017-2018

Director of Fresh/Soph Plays -

Morgan Erwin will direct “Dark Road”


Maddie Davies will direct “Getting This Close”

with assist director Eric Damkoehler

Student Director of Fall Play - To be determined after auditions

Stage Manager of Fall Play - Megan Steinheimer

Assistant Stage Manager of Fall Play - Morgan Oaks

Stage Manager of Musical - Caroline Norris

Stage Manager of Fresh/Soph Plays - Mollie Steward and Megan Steinheimer

Stage Manager of SOS - Will Stanz

Stage Manager for Choir - Lizie Conrad

Stage Manager for Cabaret - Megan Steinheimer

Emcee Coordinator for SOS - See Mr. P if interested

Talent Act Coordinator for SOS - See Mr. P if interested
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