1. Will any plays interfere with sports?

      • Yes, but there is plenty of opportunity to be involved. Our season is never-ending!

    2. Can freshman be in the fall play/spring musical? Or only the freshman/ sophomore show?

      • Yes, absolutely! We have had freshman play a leading roles in our fall plays and musicals before! There are plenty of opportunities for freshman. However, if you don’t get cast in a show don’t let that stop you, join a crew so you are still a big part of the show! Don’t be discouraged and work hard!

    3. What is the commitment time for shows?

      • Most days after school from 3-5. As the show gets closer to opening, the rehearsals are “essentially” everyday and longer.

    4. How do you join the crew for shows?

      • Go to the Chap Theatre website. Click the "Cast and Crew applications” tab. Fill that out and you are now on a crew!

    5. When are the thespian meetings? How often are the meetings?

      • After school from 3:00-3:30 ish. They vary, but tend to be once a month.

    6. Will the T-shirts & hoodies be free or do you have to pay for it?

      • You do have to pay but they are so worth it! Take pride in the theatre department!

      • If the shirt is for a show, that fee will be included in your cast and crew fee!

    7. Where do we get info on joining Chap’s thespians?

      • Show up for meetings

      • Ask thespian officers

      • Connect on social media (we are in twitter and facebook!)

      • Check the chap theatre website

    8. How would you describe the theatre program?

      • Awesome. -David Peterson

      • “The theatre program is an incredible place where we all invest in an environment that is incredibly supportive and full of joy.” -Adrian Clark

      • “Inclusive. Fun. Family.” -Cierra Denning

      • “The theatre program is my home. Theatre supports the freedom of expression which I believe is extremely important for high schoolers. We don’t all love each other, but we are all open to love. Start talking to a theatre kid and chances are they’ll start talking back.” -Elizabeth Brusco

    9. How do the auditions work at chap?

      • For the play: 60 second monologue

      • For the musical: 30 second monologue and 30 second song

      • You sign up for a time outside the green room and fill out an application on the Chap theatre website.

      • You audition with a group of 10

      • (More detailed information in the “I Wish I Knew” packet)

    10. How do you find audition material?

      • READ PLAYS! You can find plays online, at the library, or Peterson’s bookshelves in the classroom.

      • You need a good amount of time to find good pieces so give yourself that time to do so.

      • Also, ask upperclassmen for help. WE ARE HERE FOR YOU.

What is the “green room”?

The green room is the room backstage where the performers wait to go onstage, get their makeup, etc.

What are the “cats”?

The cats are the platforms above the stage and house. They are where many stage lights are stationed and accessed by the crew. You must be certified to go in the cats.

What’s the shop?

The shop is the room between the green room and the stage. It is where large set pieces are constructed, painted, and stored.

What is the loft?

The loft is the room up the stairs in the shop. It holds all of our props, costumes, and many small set pieces. The loft is also the highest point in Chaparral High School.

What are the Audition Do's and Don'ts

When Picking Audition Material

Pick a song from a show. As in a musical. Not a TV show. Not a pop song. A song from a musical. (This goes for monologues, too: pick a monologue from an actual play, not from a novel or a movie or your friend’s mom.)

Pick a song that you can find sheet music for. There are some great new/unheard of musicals out there, but you need sheet music, and if it’s new/unheard of, you may not find sheet music. (You can always ask for help finding/getting it!)

Pick a song that is appropriate for you. Do not sing a high soprano song if you have an alto range. Do not attempt to sing a bass song if you are a high tenor. You get the point.

Pick a song that shows you off, that you do well with – easily. Pick a song that shows your range, but do not pick a song in which you can hit all the notes only half the time. Pick a song in which you can hit all the notes all the time.

Pick a song that is appropriate for the show. Don’t sing a song from an opera if you’re auditioning for Rent.

Pick a monologue that is appropriate for the show – don’t use a speech from Macbeth if you’re auditioning for a comedy; don’t use a hilarious dorky monologue if you’re auditioning for a dark, morbid show. You get it.

Pick a good monologue. That’s terribly vague, yes, but use your best judgment. Story monologues = bad. (A story monologue is one like “Yesterday, I went to the store. I ate some cheese. I met a llama.” You want a monologue that says something.)

Pick audition material for the character(s) you want. Yes, this means you may have to (gasp!) read about the show. You can do it! Even better – show depth. If there are a couple characters you’re interested in, do your song for one character, and your monologue for the other.

BOTTOM LINE: Pick audition material that you DO WELL. ALWAYS.

Before Audition Day

Get sheet music for your song – do not sing a capella.

Memorize all your audition material. Memorize it. Memorize it a lot. Have it memorized. Really. Seriously.

Plan your movements/blocking, but don’t choreograph a giant dance routine. Move with purpose, but don’t be stupid about your blocking. You know.

Time your audition repeatedly (1 minute for both song and monologue for musicals) – keep in mind you may go slightly faster during your actual audition because of nerves.

Practice your slate. This includes your first and last name, your grade, and the names and authors of the pieces you will be performing. Example: “Hi, I’m Bozo the Clown, and I’m a 892th grader here. I will be performing “Really Great Monologue” from “Really Great Show” by Abraham Lincoln and “Really Great Song” from “Really Great Musical” by King Henry IV.”

Rehearse your ENTIRE audition: your walk to center stage, your slate, your deep breath, your 30 second song/monologue, your other deep breath, your 30 second whatever-you-didn’t-do-first, your thank you to the directors, your walk off stage.

Quote from Mr. Peterson: “They spend their time being scared rather than spending their time preparing.” This means PRACTICE IT. Don’t practice being scared. That does you no good.

Practice it ALL. Over and over. Practice it again. A lot. A whole bunch. Practice it so you’re very, very comfortable with the material – if you’re very, very comfortable with the material, it is less likely that you will mess up during the audition. But remember to maintain energy and emotion – don’t become bored with your audition.

BOTTOM LINE: Be prepaaaaaaaaared!

I wish I knew...What a Thespian is

A Thespian is anyone interested in theatre. There are official Thespian, those that have earned lettering points and been inducted into the International Thespian Society, and unofficial Thespians, those who have not joined yet. There is a ceremony in May where students get inducted.

I wish I knew… How to audition

-Okay, auditions are terrifying to begin with, but not knowing where to start is enough to make anyone think twice before auditioning. However, we’re here to make you life easier and less stressful. First off, Mr. Peterson posts a sign up list on the window of the Green Room entrance. On the signup list, there will be different time slots for you to sign up for. Choose whatever time works best for you. Some people like to sign up in the first group to get it over with while others sign up later so they can have extra time to practice. Its personal preference. On the day of the audition, make sure to remember to dress nicely! First impressions matter!!!! When your time slot rolls around a Stage Manager will line you up in order and your group of 7-10 will enter the theatre. You will all sit in the front row of the auditorium and wait for your turn. After someone auditions, it is proper etiquette not to clap! When you go up to audition say your slate and begin your audition! When you are finished don’t forget to say thank you to the director and pat yourself on the shoulder because you just kicked serious butt at your audition!! DON’T FORGET TO HAVE FUN!!! Mr. Peterson usually posts the cast list online within the week of the audition!

I wish I knew… How to slate

-Slating is an important part of every audition because it tells the director who you are, and how confident, professional and prepared you are. Here’s how to slate for a Chaparral Production.

Hi my name is ___________ and I will be performing a piece entitled_________ written by _________.

I wish I knew… How to choose a monologue

-Picking the right monologue could be the difference between getting cast or cut from the show. But don't let that scare you! The trick is to pick a monologue that represents the character you are most inclined to play in the show you are auditioning for. This allows the director to see if you would be a good fit for that specific character. Now that you have a character in mind, there are many many resources for you to find THE perfect monologue for your audition. Here are some places to check out!

-Do a monologue that is not a story, but rather a character talking to another character.

-Know why your character is saying what they are saying

-The theatre classroom is a great place to find plays. Many times you can find a monologue in a play or you can piece one together.

-The School Library (talk to Mr. Larson he’s super cool)

-The Parker Library (1000s of monologue books… Yes please)

-If you do decide to look online, make sure to dig pretty deep and make sure your choices aren’t from movies or television shows and are written by credible writers!

-Find an Encore Player/Presidency Member, they will be more than willing to help you!

Once you find the perfect monologue, make sure it fits with the time constraint that Peterson says. If you go over time during an audition you will get cut off. It doesn’t mean you did bad, its just so they stay on schedule! Good luck and Happy Searching!!

I wish I knew… About getting involved in crew if you don’t make a show

- Didn't make a show? No worries!!! Stay involved. Join crew! There are so many options from building and painting the set to selling tickets and ushering the door. There is an unlimited amount of things to do!! Try everything at least once!! You won't regret it!!!:)

I wish I knew… How to get involved

-Sign up… FOR EVERYTHING. Haven’t done it before? Sign up. Nervous? Do it. The biggest rule of improv is never say no. So why say no to anything involving theatre??

I wish I knew… The traditions

-The traditions have been happening at Chaparral since before I can remember. I’ll admit they’re weird and crazy, but they help us get pumped for a show!!! So here’s what the actors and Techies do before a show!!


-Little Sally Walker

-Fired Up

-Ride That Pony

-I Like You So Much Better When You’re Naked- Ida Maria (LEARN THIS SONG! The girls have a crazy dance party before every show in the dressing room)


-Shalom Dance

-Bum bum bitty bitty

-Fired Up

-I’ll Make a Man Out of You



-Techie Time (warm up games)

I wish I knew… What Sparky is

-During the performance of Beauty and the Beast, the fire alarm went off, causing the entire theatre to be evacuated during a live show. Now before each show all the technicians hail "Sparky" the fire alarm to prevent the same outcome.

I wish I knew… What a green room is

-The green room is the room at the back of the performing arts hall. (its not actually green) It’s where actors hang out during shows when they’re not on stage. Peterson teaches a variety of classes in the green room too.

I wish I knew… How many shows Chap does a year

-Fall Mainstage Production (play)

-Spring Mainstage Production (musical)

-SOS Talent Show

-Freshman/Sophomore Show

I wish I knew… Who to talk to if I have any more questions

Contact the Thespian officiers

I wish I knew… Where to find more information

Chaparral Theatre and Chaparral Thespians is on Facebook

Chaparral Theatre is on twitter @chaptheatre

Chaparral Thespians is on twitter @troupe5994