Chaparral Theatre History

Chaparral High School opened its doors in the fall of 1997 with just a ninth grade student body.  The theatre department produced two shows that year under the direction of Randy Kapelke.  In its second year a new director, Tamara Lauxman came into the fold to produce two more shows.  It wasn’t until the third year that the creative and stabilizing force of Jennifer Carabetta started moving the theatre department in the current direction.  She would remain the director of all shows for the next 5 years.

One of Chaparral’s current theatre director, David Peterson, joined the theatre department in 2002 and took over the directing of shows upon the departure of Jennifer Carabetta.  Kristine Smiley joined the department in 2018. The theatre department has continued to grow and develop actors and technicians through the class offerings and the outstanding and award winning after school productions.

The musicals have been collaboration between all parts of the Performing arts department at Chaparral.  The vocal musical direction has been done by Luke Tredinnick, Dick Larson and Jerry Vander Does.  The pit orchestras have been conducted by Orlando Otis, Shel Stanfil, Nick Hanman, Anna Tano, and Steve Hinman. 

Several other teachers have joined forces to help create the theatre department and productions.  Brianna Lindahl taught and directed shows for four years.  Seth Rossman (Colorado Thespian Hall of Fame) also taught and directed here for two years.  Matt Zanier taught here for two years. Hannah Hunt, Damon Larson, Lisa Dubrovich, Alan Martin, Wes Williams, and Jackson Westenskow have all helped to create magic of theatre as members of the English department.  Jana Moore and Karen Hearn have assisted by running the box office.

Chaparral Theatre has been a true collaboration to help produce creative critical thinkers to be productive members of our society.

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