Testing Information

ACT/SAT Information

CCHS Testing Schedule

October 3-4

First Quarter TNReady/EOC Benchmark Exams (State-Tested courses only)(Grades 9-11)

Purpose and Reporting: Teacher-made quarterly benchmark exams are administered to all

students in grades 9-11 in all state-tested courses to assess individual student mastery of each

standard taught by the time announced. Each student not demonstrating at least 80% mastery

on a given standard will be assigned to RTI (extra help) during the daily 30-minute DAWG

Period for individual and/or small group re-teaching and individual re-assessment until the

student masters the standard(s) in question. Each benchmark exam counts as a test grade for the

grading period in which it is given; thus, the score is reported to the student and is part of the 9-

weeks average appearing on the student's grade report that is distributed to students by their

advisers at the end of the 9-weeks grading period. The primary purpose of the benchmarking

and intervention process, in addition to student learning, is to provide students every opportunity

to score well on state-mandated end-of-year exams.

October 4

1. Final Exams (Non-EOC Quarter-Length Courses) (Grades 9-12)

2. Midterm Exams (Non-EOC Semester-Length Courses)(Grades 9-12)

Purpose and Reporting: Midterm and Final Exams are given in all courses as mandated by the

policies of the Clay County Board of Education. According to board policy, students who meet

stated academic and attendance standards may be exempt. Guidelines for exemptions are

located in the CCHS student handbook. Midterm and final exams count 10% each of a student's

final grade in a semester or full year course. Quarter courses have only final exams; final exams

in quarter courses are weighted at 20% of the final course grade. Midterm and final exam

grades appear on student grade reports at the end of the grading period when the exam is


October 22

ACT Exam (optional Grade 12 re-take)

The ACT is used to measure college readiness and HOPE scholarship eligibility. - See more at: https://www.tn.gov/education/topic/testing-dates#sthash.u5vBDrJ6.dpuf. The state of Tennessee will over fee waivers and vouchers for any senior who took the state-mandated junior ACT in April 2016 to re-take the ACT free on this date. The deadline for registration is September 16.

December 12-13

Second Quarter EOC Benchmark Exams (Grades 9-11)

December 14-15

1. Final Exams (Quarter and Semester Courses)

2. Midterm Exams (Year-long Courses)


U.S. History and Geography Field Test

State-mandated field test for all Grades 11-12 students enrolled in U.S. History and Geography

March 7-8

Third Quarter EOC Benchmark Exams (Grades 9-11)

March 8

1. Final Exams (Quarter Classes)

2. Midterm Exams (Semester Classes)

March 21

1. Required ACT Exam (Grade 11)

2. Diagnostic ACT Exam (Grades 9-10)

Administered in accordance with T.C.A ยง 49-6-6001(b). The ACT is used to measure college readiness and HOPE scholarship eligibility. - See more at: https://www.tn.gov/education/topic/testing-dates#sthash.u5vBDrJ6.dpuf. All freshmen and sophomores take a practice ACT on the same day that juniors take the state-mandated ACT. The freshman/sophomore practice ACT is used for diagnostic purposes only. Students scoring below ACT benchmark scores may be assigned to ACT intervention in preparation for taking the state-mandated ACT in March of their junior year. Scores are not formally reported to students and do not count for any class grades.

April 17-May 15

Window for the administration of TCAP End of Course/TNReady Exams in English I, II, and III; Integrated Math I, II, and III; Biology; Chemistry; and U.S. History and Geography.

May 16-17

Final Exams