Work-Based Learning

Amy McLerran Dodson

What is Work-Based Learning?

Worked based learning is simply partnering local business with education for the benefit of both. Our desire is to provide the opportunity for motivated students to expand their knowledge base in a career focused direction while at the same time allowing the business to have a direct impact on the student-learners’ education.

The net result of these opportunities will be graduates who are better prepared for work and or post-secondary education.

What Work-Based Learning is not…

A means for students to be dismissed from school early for the sole purpose of earning more money nor create a pool of potential part time employees.

Our desire again is for WBL to be an extension of the classroom…

nothing more, nothing less, nothing else.

Parent/Student Letter

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WBL--TN Child Labor Law Quick Reference Guide

WBL Policy Guide

WBL Standards

TN WBL Toolbox


WBL materials have been adapted from Anderson and Cumberland County Schools, as well as the TN Dept. of Education.

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Office Safety & Time Management

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