Student Organizations

The designated club joining day was Tuesday, August 16, 2016.  
Check with individual advisers for final payment deadlines.
Please do not send a single check for all dues. 
According to School Board Policy, to join any club, a student must have a 
random drug screening form signed, notarized, and on file in the office before joining. 

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Beta Club 

Advisers:  Ms. Brooke Burchett and Ms. Heather Burnette
Requirements for Membership:  Any CCHS student (9-12) with a 94 average.  Membership is by invitation only.
Requirements to Remain Active:  Maintain at least a 90 average and complete required service projects
Purpose:  To recognize academic achievement and promote service to the school and community
Membership Dues:  $35.00 one-time payment
Other Fees:  Funds for state convention in November (Fundraising is available.)
Benefits of Membership:  Attending the state convention, electing a Beta Queen and Escort for Homecoming, receiving a Beta t-shirt, and completing service and school activities as funds permit. Members in good standing graduate with a Beta Club stole.


Adviser: Amy Dodson

Director: Sandy Smith 

Adviser:  Ms. Amy McLerran Dodson
Requirements for Membership and to stay active: Students must maintain a C average overall.
Purpose:  FBLA-PBL's National Awards Program recognizes and rewards excellence in a broad range of business and career-related areas. Through state-based competition at the spring State Leadership Conferences, students compete in events testing their business knowledge and skills. Top state winners then are eligible to compete for honors at the National Leadership Conference each summer.  Members must participate in lower level competitions to be eligible to compete at a higher level.
Membership Dues:  $20.00 annually (includes a t-shirt)
Other Fees:  Regional competition: $20 + lunch, State conference: around $150 in February; National conference to be determined by site associated with membership
Benefits of Membership:  Members may purchase a stole for graduation for $20. Program area concentrators with an A average in Business courses may purchase honor cords for graduation for $25.


Adviser:  Ms. Kim Maxfield and Ms. Ludonna Cross-Martin
Requirements for Membership:  CCHS student
Purpose:  To promote Christian values and build leadership skills through faith-building fellowship
Membership Dues:  $5.00 annually
Other Fees:  To be determined by activities.  Homecoming representatives will self-finance.
Benefits of Membership:  Fellowship and growth with likeminded students.


Adviser:  Ms. Kim Upton
Requirements for Membership:  Be currently enrolled in a Human Services class or have had one previously
Purpose:  To provide opportunities for personal development and preparation for adult life
Membership Dues:  $20.00 annually
Other Fees:  Fees for trips to the Cumberland County Playhouse, the Southern Women’s
Show, and graduation cords (all optional)
Benefits of Membership:  An FCCLA Award is given at graduation; members wear red cords at graduation.


Advisers:  Ms. Beth Hatcher
Requirements for Membership:  Be enrolled in an Agricultural Education course
Membership Dues: $20.00 annually
Purpose:   The National FFA Organization is dedicated to making a positive difference in the lives of students by developing their potential for premier leadership, personal growth, and career success through agricultural education.
Other Fees:  On a trip members are asked to pay for your meals; rooms and registration are paid. 
Benefits of Membership:  Opportunities to compete in CDE’s and to be part of an organization with over 500,000 members nationwide. Awards are based off points earned throughout the school year.

Fishing Club

Adviser:  Mr. Chris Nelson
Requirements for Membership:  Any CCHS student interested in fishing
Purpose:  To promote student participation in the sport/hobby of fishing
Membership Dues:  $25.00 annually
Other Fees:  Potential fees for tournament entries
Benefits of Membership:  Participation in high school fishing tournaments

 Girl Scouts 

Adviser: Mrs. Marissa Scott
Requirements: Female CCHS students interested in service, leadership, and the outdoors.
Purpose: To build courage, confidence, and character (especially leadership skills) while making the world a better place.
Membership Fees: None
Other fees: To be determined by activities.
Benefits of membership: Members will have opportunities to grow through service and leadership and participate in camping trips and other various outings. Scholarships are available to Scouts who receive the Gold Award. Members wear green cords at graduation.

Health Science Technology Club

Adviser:  Ms. Rhonda McCoin
Requirements for Membership:  CCHS student enrolled in a Health Science course with a B average
Purpose:  To provide items for food basket and toiletries to nursing home residents and to gain volunteer hours
Membership Dues:  $5.00 annually
Other Fees:  Donation drive for toiletries for nursing home residents
Benefits of Membership:  Gaining volunteer hours and wearing cords at graduation

History Club

Advisers:  Ms. Heather Burnette, Mr. James Chambers, and Ms. Cristi Beasley
Requirements for Membership:  CCHS junior or senior with a C average
Requirements to Remain Active:  Complete a service project chosen by adviser
Purpose:  To engage students in local, state, national, and international historic events
Membership Dues:  $10.00 annually
Other Fees:  Planned field trip fees.
Benefits of Membership: Possible scholarship at graduation, wearing cords at graduation, and field trips possible each semester

LEO Club

Adviser:  Ms. Melissa White
Sponsor:  Celina Lions Club
Requirements for Membership:  Application must be completed. Open to any CCHS student with good character and in good standing.
Requirements to Remain Active:  Attend meetings and participate in club service activities (at least one per year)
Purpose:  To provide youth an opportunity for development and contribution, individually and collectively, as responsible members of the local, national, and international community
Entrance Fee:  $5.00 one-time fee
Membership Dues:  $5.00 annually (New members will pay a total of $10.00 for the entrance fee and dues.)
Benefits of Membership:  Serving the community while developing teambuilding and leadership skills

Peer Buddies

Adviser:  Ms. Peggye Ayers
Purpose:  For students who would like to pursue a teaching career. Students will have a chance to work with other students and help with Special Olympic events.
Membership Dues:  None


PE Club

Adviser:  Mr. Matt Walker
Requirements for Membership: Currently enrolled in P.E. or Lifetime Wellness (Quarter or Semester)
Purpose: To motivate students to become physically active by engaging in activities outside the CCHS campus (bowling, laser tag, hiking, canoeing, etc.)
Membership Dues:  $5.00 annually
Other Fees:  Variable. Depends on activity schedule.
Benefits of Membership:  Contributing to the student’s overall well-being by participating in activities that require physical activity.


SADD Club/Coalition Website    
SADD Club Facebook 

Advisers:  Ms. Sandy Smith and Ms. Jamie Colson (Clay County Anti-Drug Coalition Director)
Requirements for Membership:  Be a CCHS student committed to being drug and alcohol free
Requirements to Remain Active:  Attend 75% of meetings (mainly after school)
Purpose:  To pair with the Clay County Anti-Drug Coalition to be able to reach students of Clay County and educate against destructive decisions like texting and driving, bullying, drug use, underage alcohol use, and to offer safe youth alternative events throughout the school year.
Membership Dues: None
Benefits of Membership:  Satisfaction of making a difference with peers, opportunities to work with statewide SADD Clubs and Youth Advisory Board, pairing with the Tennessee Teen Drivers Safety Coalition, which has in the past participated with the state legislature to develop youth-led prevention efforts.


Advisers:  Ms. Teia Arms, Mr. Chris Nelson, Ms. Jessica Thompson, Mrs. Shauna Hargis, and Ms. Cassidy Williams
Requirements for Membership:  A student enrolled in any CCHS math or science class
Purpose: To educate students about opportunities in STEM fields
Membership Dues:  $5.00 annually
Other Fees:  Possible fees for trips or activities.  The Homecoming STEM Club King and Queen may bear additional financial responsibility.
Benefits of Membership:  Academic recognition and membership on scholarship applications

**The following organizations are formed outside of school or admit members by invitation only: 4-H Club and Woodmen of the World.


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