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Internet Safety for Parents

Did You Know?

  • Your child may not have access to your home computer or laptop, but he may still have access to the internet? If your child uses your smartphone (Blackberry, iPhone, HTC, Android Powered Devices) to text, they can easily access the internet with many different apps, including the phones Internet Browser.
  • Your child may be able to access the internet through their handheld video game, Wii, Xbox, or other game station. Even if YOU don’t have internet access through those systems! Some systems have a built in Wireless antenna, that will allow children to connect to wireless internet in your area. If you live somewhere near a wireless internet network (a neighbor’s network, or an open business network) your child may be able to connect to the internet without your supervision. Remember to check your game’s manual for instructions on turning these features off.
  • DSi handheld game systems not only have a built-in camera, and chat function, they also connect wirelessly to the internet. Make sure you are aware of how your child uses these functions.
  • Your e-reader (Nook, Nook Color, Nook HD+, Kindle fire, tablet reader) has a built in web browser with keyboard. Like your smartphone a child can access internet, even if you do not have a wireless network.

Links for Parents:

A clearinghouse for information and training for parents regarding internet safety.

Includes videos, presentations, monthly email updates, as well as general informational articles. The site has sections for parents, educators, as well as kids, ‘tweens and teens.

A parent’s guide to Facebook privacy, includes a regularly updated guide to Facebook privacy settings which can be hard to navigate and difficult to maintain:

Google Parents give Advice! This site is dedicated to a series of videos from Parents who work at Google, and they know technology!