Sports Hall of Fame

Nominations are now open for the Clay County Sports Hall of Fame.

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Nomination deadline for Clay Sports Hall of Fame is Nov. 28

Nominations are being sought for the 2016-17 class of the Clay County Sports Hall of Fame, group officials announced on Friday.

The deadline for accepting nominations will be 3 p.m. on Monday, November 28, Hall of Fame spokesman Don Napier said.

“The future of our organization depends on the people reading this article,” Napier said. “We must have nominations in order to have inductees. We urge people to be a part of the process by nominating the person they feel is deserving of this honor.

"Don't just say that they deserve to be in the Hall. Do some research, go to the local paper and look into the bound volumes, get statistics if they are available, and give the voters something to help them make their decision," Napier said.

“Since our inaugural class was selected in 2010, we have inducted over 60 people and we look forward to including more deserving members in January," Napier said.

Unlike years past, when some classes totaled over a dozen members, the classes of the future will be smaller. Applications can be picked up at the Clay County Schools Central Office, or can be downloaded from Clay County High School’s website and at

People who choose not to use the official ballot must make sure all the required information is included in their nomination paperwork. We want to especially point out the importance of filling out the contact information for the nominee, email, phone, etc. We must be able to contact the nominee to let them know about the banquet date, tickets, etc.

The Postal Service and e-mail addresses on where to submit nominations will be included on the application. The voting is done on electronic ballots by previous inductees.

Athletes who have been out of high school for 10 years are eligible to be nominated, along with "heritage" members and "contributors." Heritage members are people whose careers were largely based at least 50 years ago, while "contributors" are administrators or people who were involved in some capacity besides coaching or playing. Athletes whose careers date back at least 50 years can also be voted in as regular members if the nominator chooses to put them in that category.

Nominations are not excluded to those who excelled in high school sports. Athletes who excelled in a post-high school sport are also eligible.

"We always want to see nominations in the heritage and contributor categories," Napier said. "We also want to make sure those athletes whose careers date back over a half-century are recognized, along with those who contributed to our sports programs in some other capacity."

The induction ceremony will take place in January. The date has not been set. Anyone who has questions regarding the nomination process can contact Napier at


Athlete Division

Holly Wright

John Carlisle

Dewayne McLerran

Bobby “Toopy” Kerr

Jeff “Wildman” Watson

Tricia Fox Strong

Mark Grace

Melissa Webb

Contributor Division

Cecil “Chin” Anderson (athletic bus driver for many years}

Heritage Division

James “Tiny” Capps

Kenneth Cherry

Bobby Stone

2014 Inductees

Heritage Division

Ray Bean

Joe Melton

Betty Melton Smith


Derrick Anderson

Randy Carnahan

Jack Napier

Craig Ogletree

Billy Smith

Dennis Smith

Chase Stephens

Suzanne Cherry Wayman

Walt Weaver


Kevin Donaldson

2013 Inductees

Heritage Division

the late Burnice Scott

the late Arnold Gray Pace


Teia Ashlock Arms

Gary Eads

Wendell Cherry

Nicole Davis

Linda Cherry Koch

Jason Edward Hamilton

Randall "Red Monk" Arms

Derrick Anderson

Billy Melton

Rob Holston

Jock Proffitt

Darryl Reecer

Dewayne Reecer

Jerry Strong

Freada J. Bailey

Anita Bartlett Spann


Donald E. Napier

the late Carmon C. Brown

2012 Inductees

Steven Arms

Sonya Smith Briggs

Mel Brown


Claude Dump Hamilton

Jan Kerr

Fred Melton

Karl Napier

Kenneth Overstreet



2011 Inductees

2010 Inaugural Inductees

Joey Coe

Russell Richardson

Charles J. Vaughn

Jeff Arms

Bobby Westmoreland

Mable Brady Brown

Thomas Watson

Joe Sims

Earl Davis

Larry Clements

Billy Westmoreland

James Bartlett

Nola Katherine Pitcock Smith

Bill Napier

Connie Mack Clements

Larry Austin

Amanda Kendall Sharp

Donnie Birdwell

Connie Birdwell Arms

Tracy Strong

Heritage Members

John Teeples

David Short


Joe Carver

Sam Harley Lynn