Clay County High School

Beginning September 2, ALL students will receive free lunches and breakfasts. This program will run through December, unless federal funding becomes unavailable before then. Parents will be notified if this program ends before December and students would resume paying for lunches. Breakfast will be free all year.

Free and reduced meal applications are still required if you plan to apply for benefits for this year.

Parents of virtual learners may still pick up meals – 2 days of breakfast and lunch on Mondays and 3 days of breakfast and lunch on Wednesdays. If a different pickup day is necessary, call your school.

Call your school or 931-243-5511 for more information.

Online learning resources for all Clay County students will be posted at the Clay County Remote Learning Site.

A library of video lessons by Clay County teachers will be available for viewing.

Coronavirus FAQ for Parents.pdf

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