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Tibco General Interface (Tibco GI)

Tibco General Interface is an open source development environment to develop and deploy web environments. 


The environment provides a visual tool for modeling GUI (Graphical User Interfaces), mapping to SOAP and JSON Web Services, Java Script debug code and inclusion of client-side logic.


It includes an Ajax engine, composed by a collection of JavaScript libraries that load and run directly within the web browser. These libraries include classes GUI elements and controls, graphics, location, logging and debugging, network transfer, XML and SOAP.

It supports Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Safari. Freeing the developer from the complexities involved in the development of graphical environments and helping them focus on developing business logic.


The General Interface’s community provides us with all the resources we need to successfully build our applications through user forums, documentation, video tutorials, examples and best practices.

On the project’s official website we can download the source code, bug reports and inform ourselves in the development of new features.


We can download the open source and free version from the site: 
Here we will find packaged different distributions or we can download the source code to build our own customized version. All versions and preassembled packages are available as a zip archive, which we can decompress in our pc to the location we want. Once you downloaded and unzipped, it creates a folder with the version name. We will find several files and folders, among which we can use:

Shell.html, which opens a standalone working environment or we can open the GI_Builder.html from Internet Explorer in Windows or from Firefox on GNU-Linux or Mac, and we will be ready to start building our components.

Workspace Components

The Tibco GI is an editor that lets you create or edit the following file types:
  • GUI components
  • XML
  • XSL
  • JavaScript
  • CSS (Cascading Style Sheets)
  • Dynamic properties
  • Properties bundle
  • Mapping rules files
  • GIPP test cases
  • GITAK test cases
To create a new file, we simply select from the top menu File> New and select the type of file you want to create.
To create a project, we have to select File> New Project, then we can select the shapes visually and by drag and drop we can build the components and visual GUI forms.

Each of the visual components, consists of a style file (ccs) and a structure (XML), which can be modified visually or programmatically. Additionally it’s possible to add logic to the components using events triggered by JavaScript.