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SQLite Manager Guide

SQLite Manager is a simple tool to manage SQLite databases. 


  1. Download and install Firefox from
  2. Enable the menu bar. Alt + V -> Toolbars -> Menu Bar
  3. Go to addons: Tools -> Plugins
  4. Select "Search" and enter SQLiteManager. Then select Install
  5. Restart firefox
  6. To open the sqlite manager go to Tools -> SQLite Manager

Open or create a database

From the Database menu we can create (New Database) or open (Connect to database) a SQLite database. Each SQLite database is stored in a separate file. 

Panel of Tables Selection, Views, Indexes and Triggers.

The left pane allows you to display the tables (red) and columns (green). Selecting an item from the same panel, you can edit the item in different tabs.


After opening the base, it can be managed through the tabs


Allows us to see and modify the structure of a table.

Browse and Search

Displays records in a table


Allows you to run a SQL query and display the result.


  • Miguel Galante, Alberto Laudadio