Single Molecule Fluorescence Detection

We have two Research Practica on the same single molecule fluorescent setup:

* single molecule FRET: The goal of the practicum course is to determine the time a Holliday junction is in one state before it “flips” to another state. This can tell us which Holliday junction we are measuring.

* super-resolution: The goal of this practicum is to determine the (super-resolution) distance between two fluorophores.

In order of measuring this we need a couple of steps, described on this page in more detail.

This site was originally meant for smFRET, and elements for super-resolution have been added later.

This side is an addition to the information which you can find on BrightSpace, TN-2953-P.

A manual written by

Victor Hartong

Jeroen Burks


Chirlmin Joo

Margreet Docter

Department of BioNanoScience

Updated in 2021