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Cable TV Service by Cox in Gainesville, FL Area

This review is of Cable TV Service by Cox in Gainesville, FL Area. Unfortunately, there are not too many choices for TV and Internet service providers in this area. Comments in this post are only related to the cable TV Service provided by Cox Communications. For the last few years we are having issue with the quality of the video and have asked Cox Communication to fix this issue at multiple occasions. However, Cox has been unable to fix this issue and on top of that suggests solution which is laughable (see section below the video). Just to show a sample of the video quality watch video given below recorded on March 19, 2016.


If you noticed video pausing or sound breaking up - believe me this is not due to your internet connection or anything to do with how this video was recorded. This is typical HD Service provided (at least to us) by Cox Communications!

As mentioned above we are having this issue on and off – more on than off! Few months ago when we really got sick and tired of this terrible service we called Cox Communications and a technician was sent to fix the issue. Before I give details of the "excellent workmanship" of this technicians and Cox Communication’s "excellent customer service" let me add some interesting facts: Couple of years ago when we called Cox Communications multiple times for the bad video quality and after visits by several technicians we were told that cable running from their box (outside our building) to the HD DVR Box is bad. Therefore, they are not responsible for this bad service. We asked them to replace the “bad” cable but we were told they we have to get it done on our own, Cox will not replace the cable inside the of the building. We went ahead and replaced the entire cable from Cox’s Communication’s box to the HD DVR Box. Did it change anything? Well above video is a living proof that nothing changed.

Now, I come to the last visit by Cox Communication’s technician. This technician looked at all the connections, checked cables, and decided to replace the HD DVR Box. However, quality of the service did not improve. Most interesting part was that this technician proceeded to show us how to watch TV Channels in non-HD format. We asked him that we are paying for HD Service then why should we watch TV in non-HD Channels. His response was “HD Channels are not going to work – so just use non-HD format.” In other words – we don’t care – just keep paying us for the bad service! Another surprise hit us when we received bill for Cox’s service at the end of the month. There was a $60 charge for this technician’s visit. We called Cox Communication and inquired about the $60 charge and were told that this charge appeared due to the service call. Our response was “well issue was not fixed and service is still bad” to which Cox Communication’s representative told said “this is Cox’s standard policy that any time a Cox technician is sent there will be $60 charge regardless of the outcome.” This representative offered to send another technician to look at the issue and in the same breath proceeded to say that that there will be $60 charge for the visit. Hmmmm …. Do I want Cox Communications technician to visit us and pay $60 even if the technician cannot fix the issue?

Sometimes I wonder:

  1. Should Cox Communication be responsible for fixing this issue?
  2. Should Cox Communication reimburse us for months of bad service?
  3. Should we just “live with this bad service” and keep paying for the HD Service to Cox Communications for non-functional HD Service.
  4. Where is the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) when they are looking at opening a given market to the competitors? Do they consider quality of the service provided by the only cable service provider in a given area?

Updated on March 27, 2016:

After hours of bad service called Cox on March 27, 2016 (9:20pm) and spent more than 30 minutes with a technical support person. System was remotely reset twice but there was no change in the video quality (see below). Finally, Cox technical support person who was trying to resolve this issue said that a technician has to come out and troubleshoot. I mentioned that at least 10 different technicians have visited us but still video quality is poor. Let's see what this technician comes up with - will update after visit from Cox's technician.

There is no improvement in the service. See proof below:

Update on April 8, 2016

Another technician from Cox's contractor visited us and spent over an hour checking every connection and every cable. At the end of his visit he said he failed to understand what is going on with the signal and why Cox engineers have not done anything about it. He took pictures of the error codes system was showing and promised to send these pictures with his emails to the highest possible level in his company as well as to Cox. He also mentioned that he is going to request a credit to our account for the continuing bad service. 

Update on April 13, 2016

We have not heard anything from Cox or the contractor - I guess it is time to cut the cord! What do you think?

Update on April 27, 2016

We have not heard anything from Cox or the contractor - Cox Communications has no shame or morals!

Update on May 2, 2016

We have not heard anything from Cox or the contractor. Finally gave up and cut the cord. Good bye Cox communications - others be warned - get service from Cox Communication if you wish to waste your time and money on really really bad service.