Toshiba A105 Bios Password Reset

How to reset/remove Bios Password from Toshiba A105 Laptops:

**** Information provided here is for legal use only and not provided to encourage any illegal activitiy. ****

Original post for this solution was found at this site ( and credit goes to the author of that post. However, infomation provided at that post has been used with some clarfications and addition of photos so that all relevant information is available at one place.

1) Take out the battery and unplug it from the power sourse.

2) Remove the plastic cover piece above the keyboard, called the "keyboard bezel". this is the piece where you can see the speakers. This page gives several pictures as to how to do this:

**I found it a little bit difficult to get the plastic retaining clips to "pop" loose, but if you are careful, you can use a small screw driver and slowly "wiggle-pry" between the two screen mounts. this is done with the screen all the way back. you could use a paper clip with a little 1/8" bend at tip to do this also. (it is a tight working area) Once these three retaining clips have come loose the others are fairly easy to "pop" Just be patient and work it slowly. once this is bezel is off the rest is super easy.**

3) Remove the keyboard. Remove the two screws that are evident once the bezel has been removed (see photo given below). These screws hold the keyboard in place. Lift the keyboard up from the screw side and the retaining clips at the front of the keyboard will lift out. (there is no need to pry here). Once the keyboard is loose you will have to either leave it connected, just off to the side, or disconnect it from the mother board. (recommendation: keep keyboard connected as you may have to boot your computer couple of times to re-set password)

The keyboard cable connector has a black clip along the top of it. just lift this clip up a little and the keyboard cable will slide out (the keyboard cable does not have a fixed connector, but is just a ribbon that is held in place by the black clip along the top of the keyboard cable connector). Once you have removed it you will better understand what I mean.

4) Remove the wireless card. It is the only card visible at this point. It is connected by metal spring clips. just unclip in a similar fashion as removing ram. You do not need to disconnect the wires connected to card, just move card over to expose area below card.

5) This is where the magic is... you will see C88 clearly labeled right next to the jack that the wireless card plugs into. There are two little solder squares (approx 1/16") at this location.

*** At this point plug the power adapter to your computer again. ***

You will have to jump the two solder squares at label C88. I used a paper clip to do this. I used pliers to bend a 1/8" long "L" and then "scuffed" up the paperclip with the teeth of the pliers. (my first try at this did not work because the paperclip had a varnish coating on it and did not adequately conduct electricity. Once you have your paperclip set up (or the one you used to pry the bezel with) hold it in place on these two solder contact squares and press the power button to boot your computer (Note added: you can also use front of a small flathead screwdriver to make contact with both solder squares - contact has to be complete).

6) Your computer should boot right up and bypass the bios password, which is now reset/erased. You might see the Windows Error at the startup screen that gives you different options of startup to choose. If you disconnected your keyboard, just wait for screen to time-out and it will continue on its own. Once you have booted into windows use your mouse pad to shutdown, via start-shutdown method.

Note added: Restart your computer to make sure that password has been successfully removed. If system asks for Bios password on restart repeat steps 5 and 6.

7) Disconnect power. Reinstall wireless card and keyboard (with screws). Don't reinstall keyboard bezel at this time. Once everything (but bezel) is reinstalled, restart the computer with battery and AC adapter connected. This should boot right into your computer without any trouble. (if for some reason it does not boot up correctly and asks for the bios password again you will be glad you left the bezel off. just redo the steps again.)

8) Go to Toshiba and get the latest Bios for your laptop. here is the link: Choose your computer in menus provided.

download the latest bios version. Using a CD burning program like "Nero" burn the image file to a CD. reboot computer and press F12 to choose boot method and boot from CD. this is the best way to update your bios. there is a way to just run from windows but I do not recommend it. This is a way to get into even worse trouble.

This procedure should work for the following computers: (other models probably follow a similar approach though.)

Satellite A100-ST1041, Satellite A100-ST1042, Satellite A100-ST8211, Satellite A105-S4001, Satellite A105-S4002, Satellite A105-S4004, Satellite A105-S4011, Satellite A105-S4012, Satellite A105-S4014, Satellite A105-S4021, Satellite A105-S4022, Satellite A105-S4024, Satellite A105-S4031, Satellite A105-S4034, Satellite A105-S4051, Satellite A105-S4054, Satellite A105-S4064, Satellite A105-S4074, Satellite A105-S4084, Satellite A105-S4092, Satellite A105-S4094, Satellite A105-S4102, Satellite A105-S4104, Satellite A105-S4114, Satellite A105-S4124, Satellite A105-S4132, Satellite A105-S4134, Satellite A105-S4144, Satellite A105-S4154, Satellite A105-S4164, Satellite A105-S4174, Satellite A105-S4184, Satellite A105-S4194, Satellite A105-S4201, Satellite A105-S4204, Satellite A105-S4211, Satellite A105-S4214, Satellite A105-S4244, Satellite A105-S4254, Satellite A105-S4274, Satellite A105-S4284, Satellite A105-S4294, Satellite A105-S4304, Satellite A105-S4324, Satellite A105-S4334, Satellite A105-S4342, Satellite A105-S4344, Satellite A105-S4374, Satellite A105-S4384, Satellite A105-S4397, Satellite A105-S4547, Satellite A105-S45472, Tecra A7-S612, Tecra A7-S712