Honda Odyssey 2005 Switch/Switch bulb replacement

Items required:

    1. Replacement bulb for Parking Sensor Switch - Part No: 35854-SHJ-A01 (Cost around $4.00 for the bulb)
    2. Replacement Switch - Part no: 35470-SHJ-A02 ($11 to $14) - If switch is needed.
    3. Small screw driver
    4. Set of adjustable pliers
    5. Time: 10 to 15 mins.

These instructions are to replace the Tail Gate, Parking Sensor or VSA Switch or bulb in these switches. This procedure may work for all other switches as well, for example, for moonroof or passenger door switches etc.:

Instructions found by Internet search showed that one has to remove small panel shown below. One can access this panel when driver side door is open:

However, there was a surprise waiting when this panel was opened - there was no access:

Use a small screw driver and gently place this screw driver in the small gap at the top of the switch and the dashboard as shown in the photo below. Gently push switch outwards. Be carefull and do apply too much force or do not let the screw driver slip - switch came out with very little effort:

Remove wires connected at the back of the switch by pressing a small tab that holds the cables. Replace the switch or go to the next step to replace bulb:

If you are replacing only the bulb in one of these switches then remove cables as mentioned above, then press two tabs on the side of the switch and remove the cover:

Test to make sure that the new bulb is working before pushing the switches back in their position.