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Dyson DC15 All Floors - The Ball Bagless Upright Cyclonic Vacuum

Problem: Motorized brush bar not turning


This can happen if two tiny wires that are connected to the circuit board and lead to the beater bar are broken. These wires brake where they go through a black rubber grommet. You need a torx screwdriver (No: 15) to remove two plastic covers to access these wires . When looking from the front of the vacuum, the circuit board is located under the gray covers on the right side of the vacuum (Photo 1). There is one big cover with a black rubber gasket and other small gray cover is on the rotating ball area.

Once covers are removed check both yellow and blue wires carefully. Wires may look intact but the break may occur inside the black grommet. Slowly and carefully push grommet out and then carefully pull wires to the one side. If a wire is loose or broken you will immediately see the break. You can replace wires using replacement part given below or if you are OK with using soldering iron you may be able to repair broken wires without any expense.

Best solution is to replace broken wires with a new set of wires and connectors having fed the wires through the access hole making sure enough wire was available for the movement of the handle. Also ensure that when the covers are replaced they do not trap any wires underneath.

  • UK: Dyson DC15 Loom BB Over Current, Part No: 907280-03, Approx. £4.45
  • US: Dyson DC15 PCB to Yoke Loom, Part No: 907280-02, Approx. $11.75


Photo 1: Location of wire cover

Photo 2: Wires that may be broken

Photo 3: Wires that may be broken

Photo 4: Wires that may be broken under black grommet