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Honda Odyssey 2005 Liner replacement

How to replace liner or gravel guard inside the front fenders on Honda Odyssey (2005) 

  1. Time required: 2 hours.
  2. Tools required:
    • Flat head screw driver
    • Phillips head screwdriver
    • Pliers (to pull clips that refuse to come out)
    • Hex nut removal tool (socket) - 10mm
  3. Get new liners from the dealer (expensive) or search internet for "Front fender liner Honda Odyssey". You will find several vendors and with a large price range. Any decent quality liner should do the job.
  4. Get 6 stainless steel nuts & bolts (self-locking), and 12 washers for each side. You  will need these to replace some clips that are hard to remove and may break while removing (see photo below for "difficult to remove clips"). You can get exact replacement parts but they are hard to find.
  5. As a safety also get liner fasteners as some may break during removal. Search for "Fender liner clips for Odyssey". Again price varies - you should be able to get pack of 30 clips for under $8.00.
  6. Picture of a clip:

  • Once you have all the necessary materials and tools to remove old liner remove tire - make sure that jack is secure and parking break is on.


Removing the tire:


Clip removal:


Difficult to remove clips:


Good replacement for these difficult to remove clips: