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Location of Library Folder

Changing default location of library folders in Windows 7/8/10

  • Open Windows Explorer, there are 4 sections for Windows 7/8/10 Library. These are setup on drive C in a Users folder. These libraries are Documents, Pictures, Music, and Videos.
  • In each section, there are "My ...." folders e.g., for Documents, there is a "My Documents" folder.
  • To move this folder to another drive, for example, to D drive. Create four new folders in D: drive. These folders can have same name as My Documents, My Pictures, My Music, and My Videos or different names (Documents, Pictures etc.
  • Go to default Library in Windows Explorer.
  • Right click on the respective "My ...." folder for each Library section, e.g., for Documents, right click on "My Documents"
  • Click on Properties
  • Click on Location
  • Click on Move button
  • Select the respective folder from your D drive, for example, the new "My Documents" on Drive D or Drive E.
  • Click on Apply
  • Happy computing!