Center Console in Mercedes-Benz C280 (1999)

Here are the steps to remove center console and cup-holder in Mercedes-Benz C280 (1999):

Safety first: Make sure that parking brake is engaged as you may have to move the shifter to down positon to remove the front of the console.

Tools Required: Medium and small phillips screw drivers.

Time Required: 30-45 minutes

1. Open the wooden door behind the shifter and remove small tray under the ash tray compartment. In some cases two screws may be holding the tray so you have to remove those screws to remove the tray.

2. Lift the wood shifter surround upward, starting from the rear. There are no screws that hold this part down - only clips hold this part in position.

3. Unplug the two wiring connections:

4. Move shifter to down position (ensure that parking brake is engaged).

Remove two sideways facing screws which should be visible now that the tray is removed (as described in Step 1):

5. There are two more screws at the bottom of the main console storage bin. Now, the main console can be removed. Pull it up and rearward.

6. Carefully remove any antena and phone connection wires that may be coming into the console from the rear bottom of the console:

7. If you are interested in removing/replacing the cup holder then:

a. Trun the console upside down.

b. Remove four screws that hold the cupholder compartment:

8. When installing the Center Console back in the car make sure to:

a. Install antena and phone cables.

b. First install the front screws, do not tighten them fully.

c. Install rear screws - do not tighten them fully.

d. Tighten front screws then back screws.

9. Install electrical connections removed in Step 3 from the wood shifter surround. Place wood shifter surround in place. Gentle push should do it.

10. Install small tray under the ashtray compartment (install screws if this compartment was held by two small screws).

11. You are done!