YYPS Express

The school picnic is coming next Thursday.We hope that you can have great fun on the picnic day with your groupmates or parents.Below is the map of the place we are going to and the activities you can do there-Kam Tin Country Club(KTCC).Below is the website.


Also,teachers may allow you to bring no more than $100.You can use it for buying snacks,drinks and doing activities.If you want to rent a bike to ride,Only P1-P2 students are allowed because they have their parents with them,but for P3-P6 students,you are not allowed because of safety reasons.You can pick strawberries for free too!

**********Please be reminded that the day after the school picnic is the staff development day.You no need to come to school.We hope that you can have a good rest on Friday and have a wonderful weekend.

Also,the second assessment is coming in a month and more.We hope you get a Lots of A+s.For P1 students,it is your first time to have assessments in primary school.Do more revision so that you can get higher marks and make your parents surprised.