Local Trails

YKMTBC uses TrailForks!

Check out the TrailForks site for a listing of local trails in the Yellowknife area!

What to keep a mind on when you're out enjoying the trails

Stick to the trail.

Staying on marked trails reduces the ecological damage to the environment. The NWT is home to some beautiful, and very delicate lichens which take a very long time to grow!

Yield to others.

Be a good human, don't run anybody over out there.

Respect the environment.

Don't litter, pack out whatever snack wrappers or other garbage you might have.

Maintain the trails.

Consider volunteering some time to build and maintain existing trails. This can be as simple as trimming the willows of a trail corridor on your next hike!

Throughout the year the YKMTBC hosts trailbuilding days. If you'd like to support our efforts, keep an eye on our Facebook page!