Group Rides

The Yellowknife Mountain Bike Club hosts group rides!

When? Most Sundays at 11:00 am

Where? Somba K'e Park

Check Facebook

  • Prior to a group ride, events will always get posted on the YKMTBC Facebook page (Sometimes they don't get posted until the day of the ride!)
  • Be sure to RSVP!!! Let people know you are showing up so the ride doesn't get cancelled and/or the ride leaders know to wait for you!

Stay Informed

Enable Facebook notifications and get up-to-the-minute ride and event updates on your smart phone

Don't be intimidated!

Group rides are social events

These rides exist to benefit newer riders, and are just good fun

We only move as fast as the slowest rider and stop frequently

Here's an experience you might have as a new rider: you approach a dangerous looking part of trail, the rider in front of you speeds off and you lose sight of them around the corner. You feel like you've been holding up the pack because everyone has always been in front of you. You tackle the obstacle at a pace you are comfortable with and after rounding a bend you see the whole group standing around and waiting for you, again...

Here's the other perspective: can see your favorite part of the trail approaching, you get some quick pedal strokes in and send it. You breeze through the section and hit that drop at the bottom you always wanted to hit, flawless. Around the corner the rest of the group is take a break and chatting about the newest beer on tap at the Woodyard. Perfect, I'm gassed...

Relax! Everyone on the group ride is just out to have fun, and we all move at different paces.

We all share a common love of riding and want to share that experience with others.

Organized group rides still not your scene?

Check out the YKMTBC - Find a Ride group on Facebook to meet up with other riders and plan your own outing!

What should you bring to a group ride?


  • Helmet
  • Knee pads
  • Jacket (early & late season)
  • Riding gloves
  • Water
  • A small snack (granola bar, energy gel, etc...)
  • Spare inner tube
  • Bug spray
  • Sunscreen
  • Portable pump


  • Helmet
  • Layered Clothing

Try two to three layers:

1. Wool/Technical base layer

2. Breathable Fleece/Insulating layer

3. Light Outer Shell

If you feel a chill when you first leave the house, it's typically the right amount of clothing.

  • Hand/toe warmers
  • Bar mitts
  • Ear/face protection
  • Water

Leave room for sloshing in your water bottle and it will take longer to freeze!

  • A small snack (granola bar, energy gel, etc.)
  • Spare inner tube
  • Portable pump

CO2 inflaters don't work in winter!