Candidate Questionnaire

2018 Yellowknife Municipal Election

Need help deciding who to support in this year's municipal election?

To help you make your decision easier on election day, we asked our membership about the issues that concerned them, compiled their input, and sent it all the candidates for response!

All of the municipal candidates were contacted via email. Only those that have answered to date are included. A copy of the form letter is included below.

But before we get started, let's take a moment to give credit to the councillors who have been super supportive of the Yellowknife Mountain Bike Club & Operation: Bike Park from the beginning and are running for re-election:

Niels Konge - Shauna Morgan - Steve Payne

All three of these candidates not only voted in support of Operation: Bike Park but have done a great job of advocating on our behalf as well as providing amazing advice and counsel. We hope to be able to continue working with them for the next few years!

Question #1

If you were a councillor or mayor in 2018, would you have voted in favour of the City of Yellowknife supporting Operation: Bike Park, financially and otherwise?

Question #2

Do you think the City should continue to provide measured financial support to Operation: Bike Park?

Question #3

Do you and your family members look forward to having a bike park in Yellowknife?

Question #4

Do you ever commute by bicycle? How often? What are some barriers you have noticed to cycling as a main means of transportation?

Question #5

In your opinion, does Yellowknife generally have safe, convenient and sufficient walking and cycling access to outdoor spaces such as waterfront, parks, and multi-use trails? What about to grocery stores, libraries, daycares, restaurants, medical services, etc.?

Question #6

Are you committed to helping the city increase walking and cycling as a mode of transportation to promote personal health, reduce road costs, and lower greenhouse gas emissions?

Question #7

Do you have a plan for increasing active transportation in Yellowknife? Describe what it would look like from the perspective of a cyclist.

Question #8

Do you think Yellowknife should develop a framework for recreational trail development?

Question #9

Do you think it would be beneficial for the City of Yellowknife to have a yearly budget for recreational trail development?

Question #10

Do you think there are enough recreational trails in Yellowknife? If not, how do you think we should change that?

Question #11 - Optional Bonus Question!

Do you think the City of Yellowknife should work together with non-profits in applications for federal/territorial monies to support their initiatives/projects? Or, should these funds be used solely to reduce the costs of projects initiated by City Administration?

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2018 Yellowknife Election Candidates

Candidate Questionnaire

Here's a copy of the questionnaire as it was sent to the candidates:

2018 Election - Candidate Questionnaire