Extended Learning Opportunity

Extended Learning Opportunities (ELOs) are semester-long learning experiences driven by student interests and supported by an in-school coach and an outside mentor.

Is there a cause you're interested in? A local or global issue that matters to you? What career or job are you curious about? Is there something you'd like to be good at? or get better at? Do you have a hobby or extracurricular activity that you love? An ELO gives you the time and support to dive in and do something different.

In order to receive credit for an ELO a student must demonstrate that they meet four school-wide learning expectations. Each ELO will culminate in a presentation and celebration.

Past projects have included:

Learning music composition

Music video with original music (a 3-person project)

A comic book relating some of Yarmouth's history

Work with an after-school group that combined art and environmental activism

A drawing game app (a 2-person project)

Learning cartooning

Short link to website: bit.ly/YHSELO