FHS Scholarship List

Welcome to the Students Services list of scholarships. Please keep in mind this is our list, but there are a lot more scholarships out there so PLEASE explore different places for scholarship opportunities. As a department we will keep this list UPDATED when we receive information about NEW scholarships and if scholarships are no longer being offered. So please check this website frequently!

This site is set up by the month each scholarship is due, please MAKE SURE you check ahead so you are ready for each of these scholarships!

Please let us know if you need ANY help with these scholarships!

<3 Mrs. Whitley, Mrs. Fricke & Mrs. Monroe

Reminder: Winston Salem Foundation manages SEVERAL scholarships. www.wsfoundation.org

Click on “Student” and then “Scholarships”. There are subgroups (church related, companies, non-citizens, etc) to explore. For local scholarships managed by WS Foundation, click on Yadkin.

Most scholarships applications accessed through the WSF Eligibility Application. Students must start an account and answer questions very carefully to determine which scholarships students will be eligible to apply. Read description on website for each scholarship and explore.

WSF will update website throughout the year… please check it monthly to learn of changes.