NMS Daily Announcements

Superintendent: Clint Wytulka cwytulka@westendschools.org

Transition Administrator: Mike Epright mepright@westendschools.org

Principal: Charlene Stevenson cstevenson@westendschools.org

Anne Long: Secretary along@westendschools.org

Kelly Arnold: Athletic Director karnold@westendschools.org

Pat Enstrom: Technology Director penstrom@westendschools.org

Ruth Reams, RN: District Nurse rreams@westendschools.org

Thea McGaffey: Science/Math tmcgaffey@westendschools.org

Stephanie Morse: English/S.S. smorse @westendschools.org

Chrissy Kinslow: Art ckinslow@westendschools.org

John Hickey: P.E. jhickey@westendschools.org

Evelyn Herring: Band eherring@westendschools.org

Malisha Reed: Agriculture mreed@westendschools.org

Melonie Enstrom: Library menstrom@westendschools.org

Sarah Cooper: Special Education scooper@westendschools.org or sarah.cooper@paradoxschool.org

Misty Pritchett: Para mpritchett@westendschools.org

Nucla Middle School

225 West 4th Avenue

P.O. Box 570

Nucla, CO 81424

Phone: 970.864.7350

Fax: 970.864.7269

Staff Hours: Monday - Thursday 7:30am to 4:00pm

Student Hours: Monday - Thursday 7:55am to 3:40pm

Jump in.

Get stuck.

Push through.

We are CREW!

NMS Student Corner
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