Section III Championships Meet Information


All buses will turn off Route 31 on to Beacon Light Road and enter by the tennis courts (A) to unload athletes. Drivers will then head back out entrance (A) take a right followed by a left onto Route 31 (B) to park at the SavOn over flow parking lot.

Buses will turn left into the SavOn over flow parking lot (The turn before the gas station). Once in the parking lot the bus drivers will park in the lot to the right. There is a paved walking path to SavOn where there is access to food and restrooms. VVS will provide a shuttle for drivers that would like to return to the school and watch the races.


Coaches will need to contact (exchange phone #'s) their drivers to be picked up. Buses will return from the SavOn lot and head back to Beacon Light Road. Drivers will then enter at C and load at the yellow line. Bus loading in the drop area will cause a bottle neck.

Spectator Parking:

A Section fee of $10 per car will be charged. (Does not matter how full the car is). No cars will be allowed to park on Beacon Light Road or Route 31. All parking money collected is the section's money, not VVS'.


Tents can be setup on the practice football field next to the turf stadium. Make sure all tents are outside of the starting cones.


All packets and extra maps will be will be located in the turf side press box. (Must go to the top of the bleachers)

Course Map:

A copy of the course map is at the bottom of this page.


We have food trucks this year to give a better food experience. The trucks we have booked are:

Shirts and Apparel :

Fleet Feet will be selling Section III merchandise.


We will have an EMT on site. In past year's the only need for ambulance services were for athletes collapsing on the course during the later races from not eating or drinking before. Please police your athletes on this matter.


The school will be open, but athletes will be restricted to certain area as we have done in the past. Locker rooms will be available. Athletes will be able to use the restrooms in the Sheveron Community Center. Any athletes not acting appropriately may cause their team to be restricted from the building.

Restricted Areas:

Only coaches and competing athletes will be allowed inside of the track fence. No one is to be on the turf for an reason. Athletes may not go into restricted areas in the school.


10:00 - Boys Class A 11:00 Awards

10:30 - Boys Class B 11:30 Awards

11:00 - Boys Class C 12:00 Awards

11:30 - Boys Class D 12:30 Awards

12:00 - Girls Class A 1:00 Awards

12:40 - Girls Class B 1:40 Awards

1:20 - Girls Class C 2:20 Awards

2:00 - Girls Class D 3:00 Awards


New this year. There will be an awards ceremony 1 hour after each race. See the above schedule. Coaches please have all qualifying athletes and teams ready at the given time. The awards ceremony will take place in our volleyball gym will be used.

1) Section III banner to the first place team of each class(Request to the Section 3 Office)

2) Medals to the winning team

3) Medals to the individual state meet qualifiers.

3) T-shirts to the winning team

State Qualifiers:

All state qualifiers can give their state commitment and receive all state meet information after their awards ceremony in the volleyball gym.

Race Assignments:

InviteMap2019 With New Stadium.pdf
Mr Z's.pdf