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Visual Tour

Let's begin with our "show piece," THE ABEND DRUM. (Link to People Page for the story of Louis Abend and his Civil War Drum.) Continue to browse through Main Floor, noting especially the authentic early switchboard and display of telephone models; extensive collection of business advertising items; and the cornerstone and Time Capsule from the United Lutheran Church.  Mostly unseen in the office are cabinet drawers full of historic photos and documents.    (NOTE: THE ENTRY, MAIN FLOOR, AND REST ROOM ARE HANDICAPPED-ACCESSIBLE.  THE REST ROOM IS LOCATED JUST LEFT/EAST OF THE ENTRY WELCOME COUNTER.)

On the second level, see especially two exhibits, Turn of the Century Office (1900s), and the early School Room (with its desks, blackboard, and coal/wood stove), plus the collection of sports trophies from the Zumbrota school district before it consolidated. The Kish Research Library and the Media Services office also occupy space on this level, as does artifact and archives storage. 

Founder Kevin Kish invites you to the History Center

Entrance Counter; Rest Room (closed door to left)

Our Special Drum !

The Abend Civil War DRUM

Early Phone Switch-board

Telephone models through the years & phone books 1902-current

Fireman's coat & helmet (left) plus cabinet of business advertising and church artifacts

United Lutheran Cornerstone & Time Capsule 1912-2004

Many drawers of photos & documents

Moderate stairs with hand rails both sides

EXHIBIT: "Al" in office of early 1900s with Zumbrota-related artifacts in Upstairs Display Room

Simulated exterior to a school; a prior Banitt's store background prop

EXHIBIT: Early schoolroom desks, chalkboard, globe

Sample section of school trophies

Kish Library and Meeting Room

Media Manager's area & donations to be cataloged

New Storage Platform with Oversize-Flat File

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