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Zumbrota History Books for Sale

See below for OTHER DOCUMENTS for sale, including THE STORY OF THE ABEND DRUM $1.00, and others. Also available: Gift Memberships, Used Books (paperback 5/$1.00), Inventory Duplicates, Historical Postcards (50 cents), Rummage Sale Items (seasonal)


ZUMBROTA  The First One Hundred Years 1856-1956     Price: $5.00

(Mailing: $4.00 per book)

Created by The Zumbro Valley Historical Society, Centennial Book Committee, Zumbrota, Minnesota 1956.  Sections include "List of Illustrations," "Early History of Zumbrota," "Village Government and Affairs," "Churches, Past and Present," "Zumbrota's Organizational History," "Zumbrota Schools," "Business History of Zumbrota," "Veterans and Military," "Feature Section," "Items of Interest from 1854-1956," "Townships and Forest Mills," "Centennial Highlights," and an  "Index."  A generous number of photos within 398 pages. 


Zumbrota  The Next Fifty Years 1956-2006           Price: $5.00

(Mailing: $4.00 per book) 

Created by the Zumbrota Area Historical Society, copyrighted in 2006, honoring their Sequicentennial.  Produced by Interface Publishing, 241 First Avenue North, Minneapolis, MN 55401.  Sections include "Forward," "Short History of Zumbrota," "Village Government and Affairs," "The Covered Bridge," "Churches, Past and Present," "Organizations," "Zumbrota Schools," "Business History of Zumbrota," "Items of Interest 1956-2006," "Townships," "Acknowledgements," and "Zumbrota Phone Directory Covers."  A generous number of photos within 349 pages.  

150 Years

ZUMBROTA, MINNESOTA  1856* Bridging Past and Future *2006. Price: $15.00

(Mailing: $4.00 per book) 

A beautiful coffee-table book with sections on "Visions of Promise," "Growth and Development," "Expanding Horizons," and an "Epilogue." Contains 80 pages of crisp photos depicting historic Zumbrota scenes. 

ZAHS: THE FIRST 20 YEARS 1999 to 2019           Price $5.00

(Mailing: $4.00 per book)

108 pages, 8 1/2 x 11 inch pages, spiral-bound, compiled from Board Minutes, ZAHS digital records, and membership data, plus renovation ledgers and communication.

CONTENTSDedication and Photos of the Era Table of ContentsPurpose and BackgroundNewspaper CoverageMajor ZAHS Timelines & Renovation CostsRecognition for Long-Term WorkersIncorporators, Board Members, and     CuratorsHome Tour Committee MembersHomes on the Tours Through the YearsSubstantial Business/Professional Donors     in Two Critical DrivesSubstantial Individual Donors      in Two Critical DrivesGrantsMemorials and BequestsEvents and Activities by YearBoard Business by YearMembership NumbersThe Digital RecordsPhotos Through the YearsColleen Kish Toupin

Other Available Documents

Those Were The Days: stories about those Good Old Days in Zumbrota, 76-page spiral-bound document, by Duane Charles Hoven, 2014

                                Price $12        (For mailing, add $4)

Till the Cows Come Home (about the County Fair), 87 pages, soft cover, by Patrice Marvin & Nicholas Curchin Vrooman 1985                                  Price $5

Alvera's Story, 34-page spiral-bound document (about a polio victim who lived in an Iron Lung for decades), by Duane Charles Hoven circa 2007                                                  Price $3

The Story of the Abend Drum (four-page photocopied)                                                   Price $1

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