150th Anniversary of Bridge 2019  

20th Anniversary of ZAHS in 2019

Covered Bridge & Other Places

This 1932 photograph is the "semi-official"  image of Zumbrota's Covered Bridge.  

The photo originally included a woman at the left front, just out of sight on this print, who was walking to town from her home north of the bridge. Also, the original photograph did not include the sign announcing a $10 fine for driving faster than a walk, which had been taken off temporarily for bridge repairs; however, the photo was retouched and the sign restored.  The team of horses shown, Queen and Prince, is pulling a Monson dray sled, driven by Orville Rockvam, a long-time Monson Dray Line employee.  The local bank used this retouched image on its Christmas greeting card to the public at least in 1932 and 1933 and perhaps later.  

 Walking Tour of The Covered Bridge By Linda Smith.  Drone Image of the Bridge By ZM Prod, Drone Image of the Covered Bridge By Droneut, Drone Images of the Covered Bridge By Bing Err.

Historic Zumbrota Houses by Sarah P. Hall

Image: The Old Sigmond Home at 461 West Fifth Street (# 29) 

Sarah P. Hall

Click Here for Historic Zumbrota Houses by Sarah P. Hall and her biography.

The Friends of the Library chose, as a Centennial Project, to copy those histories and bind them in a notebook for patrons of the library to enjoy and for historical records.

Review of Zumbrota Theaters  

Image: Unique Theater, 237 Main Street, circa 1911

Image: State Theatre on East 4th Street circa 1920s-1930s


 The arts have been important to Zumbrota citizens since its very early days. Motion  picture cameras were invented and film production companies were established in the 1890s, and by 1909, Zumbrota had its first theater.

Barr Clay, the Industry and the Community

Image:  Barr Clay Plant, Looking East (the circular structures are kilns)

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