SGD Video Tutorials: SPELL Expression Tool

SPELL (Serial Pattern of Expression Levels Locator), developed by the Troyanskaya lab at Princeton University (Hibbs et al., 2007), enables searching of data from large published expression studies to identify the most informative datasets and co-expressed genes relative to your gene(s) of interest. It ranks the datasets based on their correlation with the query genes; moreover, it identifies additional genes with expression profiles similar to those of the query. Results are displayed in a matrix where datasets and genes are provided in rank order. SPELL then calculates which Gene Ontology terms are significantly enriched among the genes analyzed.


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Learn how to search for and view gene expression data for your genes of interest. (3:42; created 8/9/16)


SGD's fifth webinar shows you how to search SGD's microarray and expression data using SPELL (9:42; created 9/7/16)