SGD Video Tutorials: Basic Navigation & Locus Pages

SGD Video Tutorials: Basic Navigation & Locus Pages

Here you will find help with general features at SGD, such as navigation and general searches. SGD recently updated the design of its pages and added enhanced search features.

Every gene and feature in the Saccharomyces cerevisiae genome has its own set of "locus pages" that display the information stored at SGD. The set of tabs at the top of any locus page sort the gene or locus's information into topics. Depending on the locus type, the information topics can be related to a protein product, a gene's interactions, associated GO terms, phenotypes, published literature, and more. The Locus Page tutorials will introduce you to content on each type of SGD locus page.


  1. Getting Started
  2. Locus Page

Getting Started

SGD's first webinar provides an overview of the types of information stored in our database and displayed on our website. (22:54; created 4/7/16)

SGD just released the new faceted search. Don't know where to begin? Then check out this video! (2:11; created 8/22/16)

Learn about SGD's primary reference sequence from the S. cerevisiae S288C strain. (2:25; created 3/27/15)

A tutorial for how to check the annotation status of the S. cerevisiae genome. (2:54; created 6/9/15)