Technical Specifications

SGD Hardware and System Software

The SGD database and the majority of our third-party applications (InterMine, JBrowse, and Pathway Tools) run from Amazon Web Services (AWS) on EC2 Linux/Ubuntu-based servers. We are in the process of migrating the rest of our third-party applications (SPELL and Textpresso) to AWS.

Database Management Systems

The primary SGD database was migrated in 2017 from Oracle Server Enterprise Edition to PostgreSQL, an open source and community-developed database. SGD used AceDB as its database software, prior to moving to Oracle in 2000. The SGD database is set up for high availability using streaming replication and Wal-E via Amazon S3 to an identical stand-by server.

The latest SGD database schema can be found in the /schema directory at

Yeastmine, a data warehouse based on Intermine software, also uses PostgreSQL.

SPELL stores data in MySQL.

Website Software


The interface for SGD is a web application that uses the Python Pyramid web framework as well as React.js. The source code can be found at


The backend uses a separate Pyramid application that queries the database and produces JSON objects. Any website URL can be prepended with "/webservice" to see the API version. For example, produces a webpage while produces the JSON representation of that locus. The source code for the backend can be found at

SGD's search utility is built on Elasticsearch.

Varnish Cache is used to cache website responses.