SGD Help: Gene Summary Paragraphs

Gene Summary Paragraphs are summaries of published biological information for a gene and its product that is designed to familiarize both yeast and non-yeast researchers with the general facts and important subtleties regarding a locus. Gene Summary Paragraphs are composed by SGD curators using natural language and a controlled vocabulary based on the Gene Ontology (GO). Gene Summary Paragraphs contain references and links to further information, and highlight connections between genes from yeast and other species wherever possible.

As of 2012, SGD curators are no longer writing new summary paragraphs. Instead, we have increased the length of the Description lines in order to provide more up-to-date information.


  1. Using the Gene Summary Paragraphs
  2. Accessing the Gene Summary Paragraphs

Using the Gene Summary Paragraphs

The Gene Summary Paragraphs are written in a natural language and include links to references and information about other genes mentioned within a specific paragraph. The types of links available are listed below:

  • Links to references - Each fact presented in a Gene Summary Paragraph is supported by one or more references, indicated by a number in parentheses. Clicking on a reference number goes to the appropriate citation in the list of citations found below the summary. Links to the abstract in SGD, the abstract in PubMed, and Related PubMed citations are found just below the citation.
  • Links to Locus Information for mentioned genes - Any yeast gene other than the gene which the Gene Summary Paragraph is about is linked to its SGD Locus Page within the paragraph. Click on the gene name to see its Locus information.

Accessing the Gene Summary Paragraphs

The Gene Summary Paragraphs can be accessed by:

  • Clicking on one of two Gene Summary Paragraph links located on the Locus page for each gene that has an associated Gene Summary Paragraph.
  • Clicking on the desired gene name within the Table of Gene Summary Paragraphs. A link to this table can be found in the "Historical Data" section of the "Community" pull-down menu of the SGD toolbar.

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